Monday, March 03, 2008

Such a shame

The Boy came for a visit yesterday.

He was not cute:

The Boy was having some hair issues yesterday.

His cousins did not enjoy him at all:

Pat-a-cake is the best game ever!

He obviously did not have a good time:

Best. Toy. Ever.

So he looked for an easy escape from Jenworld:

Low windows are good for little dudes.

And, for the true Micah fans (Hi Mom!), some video:


Sue said...

Oh my GOSH. So stinkin' cute. I'm such a sucker for red heads.

countrymouse said...

So cute, I just want to EAT HIM UP!! And you captured his little baby noises--awwwwwww : )

erin said...

The cuteness is really out of control with this post!

Anonymous said...

He is truly adorable (say it with a French accent).

AND is Graceful not just the most charming 9-year old?

Unbiased in Califonria

The MomBabe said...

It took me a second before I realized you were being sarcastic.

Josie said...

My ovaries hurt looking at pics of Micah. He personifies cute :)