Friday, February 22, 2008

Whatever happened to those guys?

This just popped up on iTunes.

I just LOVE that song. I have no idea why, but it's a helluva lot better than any of that Hannah Montana crap my children like.


The Guider said...

Ya gotta learn to Google girl!

"During the end of ELO in the middle 80s, Jeff Lynne became less dependant on the strings. Since the players were only contract workers it was easy to just let them go and replace with synthesizers. Kelly and Richard were basically contract workers, Though Jeff relied on Richard a lot. But they were expendible. But Bev was a 50/50 partner.

By the last LP Jeff had cut out Kelly. Kelly sued. Then after 86 Jeff basically called ELO off so he could work on other projects. the 1986 LP was the last ELO LP he was contrctually obligated to do.

ELO as we knew it faded quietly out of existance. It was an easy fade since LPs were usually 3 to 6 years apart anyways.

Then in the early 90's Bev decided to revivive ELO and went into negotiations with Jeff to do just that. By them Jeff had bought out Bev from the ELO name and had complete ownership of it. A few Lawyers later Bev was allowed to tour as ELO Part 2, without Jeff. He did that for a while till about 2000 when Jeff decided to revive ELO. Why Bev quit ELO Part 2 was a mystery really, because Jeff's new ELO did not include him.

The 2001 resurection was very short lived with low LP sales and very bad tour sales. ELO was gone again in a flash."

Vanessa said...

Well, instead of Google, I should have looked here first! I saw you post, watched the video, fell in love again with them, googled for an update, and I could have just looked at the comment above me! Thanks Guilder! Anyway, thanks for an awesome song!

kari said...

I love ELO! We have one of their greatest hits CD's and play it in the car all the time. My kids sing along and know all the words, it cracks me up.

daysgoby said...

Oh man I love that song!

Josie said...

Love that song :)
ELO (in some formation) or a group posing as them, appears at Casino Rama here in Ontario, Canada on occaision.
Never checked it out personally, but this is where old bands go. Canadian version of Vegas.

Life As I Know It said...

Oh, I loved ELO!