Friday, February 29, 2008

A new favorite -- song and TVshow

Have any of you seen the TV show "Dead Like Me"? Pete heard good things, so we've been cruising through it the past couple of weeks. The writing is that wonderful combination of funny and intelligent and I'm loving every minute of it. Too bad there were only two seasons and we're well into Season 2. We've noticed a new listing for it on IMDB, but we can't tell if it's a new season or a movie. I guess we'll find out soon enough.

The music was mostly done by Stewart Copeland -- oh he of The Police -- but there was one song (not by him) that we kept hearing during Season 1 that really grabbed us. After some searching, I found out that it was "Boom Boom Ba" by Metisse and I have since downloaded it to my iPod and listened to it approximately eleventy squillion times this week.



Anonymous said...

Yes! I love that show, as well as the song. And I think that it's a direct to DVD movie, but I hope *cross your fingers* that it'll be good.

- E

The Guider said...

Oh I loved that programme when it was on here. I thought it was all done now though? I've seen some of the actors in other things - the English guy (Mason?) was in the Henry VIII series recently.

daysgoby said...

Great show, great song.

And the possibility of more? WONDERFUL!

Life As I Know It said...

I LOVE that show. We have season 3 on dvd. I was so mad when it got replaced with Fat Actress. Why don't the good, well written shows stay on the air?!?
LOVE that show. Mandy Patinkin (I know I spelled that wrong) was so good in it.

Josie said...

Love this show. Its actually being rerun up here on Showcase.