Monday, February 11, 2008

I laughed so hard I cried.

Mrs. G. over at Derfwad Manor is usually a veryveryvery funny blogger who always awes me with her wit and creativity. Today, she has actually outdone herself and has posted what may be one of her Top 5 funniest writings evah.

I totally have a bloggy crush on Mrs. G., just like I do Sarah O. Sorry Sarah, just as in Big Love, you're going to have to share.


Jan said...

I totally agree. Mrs. G is the bomb.

The MomBabe said...

I love blog recommendations. Thanks, I'll head over ASAP.

Maddy said...

Yup I think we all love her.

Sarah O. said...

Yeah, Mrs. G. is seriously bloggy crush-worthy. Speaking of worthiness, I'm not sure I'm worthy of being mentioned in the same sentence as her.

Under the circumstances, I can share the love.

Family Adventure said...

I love her, too. And that post - I have no words.


Kristin said...

How have I not discovered Mrs. G? Jen, thanks to this introduction, you are my hero.