Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday stuff

We got more frozen shit last night, in the form of sleet, ice, and freezing rain. I'm not exactly sure what the difference among the three is -- and no one needs to enlighten me on this cold gray morning -- but we got enough of it that schools have been delayed by two hours. No complaints from me; I love having this extra time in the morning to be leisurely.

In anticipation of getting crappy weather and possibly being housebound with children, yesterday I did what any sensible person would do and went to Target to stock up on necessities, including chocolate and toilet paper. I'm not saying that the two are connected, only that our supplies were too low for my comfort.

I also picked up a seriously cute purse in my new It color for spring: GREEN. While not every woman should match her accessories to her eyes, that's my personal fashion statement for Spring 2008.

While I was shopping, I discovered that my favorite long sleeved t-shirt was marked down to $4.98, so I stocked up in a variety of colors, including black, green, blue, black, white, and black. I now have enough to see me through 11 days of travel in April.

(I wouldn't need so damn many new shirts if I weren't so messy. Every year I ruin shirts simply by spilling nacho cheese on my rack, which I admit is a convenient shelf, but not a place I wish to store bread crumbs or spaghetti sauce.)

Also whilst at the Big T, the Easter Bunny did some shopping for Graceful and Elegant. Easter is in four or five weeks, which seems impossible, but that's the problem with those floating holidays that change days and even months. We went from Valentine's hearts to Easter eggs with no time to even stock the stores for St. Patrick's Day. I recognize that by making these purchases in February I am jumping the gun a bit, so one could argue either that I have a shopping problem or that I am simply very organized. I prefer the latter.

In other news, Elegant has three loose teeth. After bearing the shame of being the only child in the first grade last year who had not lost a tooth, she lost two over the summer, at which point her mouth decided to take a break from all that losing of teeth. It was just So. Much. Work.

So now she has two wigglers on top and one on the bottom. The poor child can hardly talk with all that movement in there, and she has a lisp AND always sounds like she has something in her mouth. When I made Shepherd's Pie for dinner the other day, El came to the table and announced with great disdain, "Thith ith dithguthting!"

And now it's time to mosey outside and see just how slick it is and what levels of Pete's efforts will be necessary to get the girls to school.


Flutterby said...

LMAO!! EVERY single one of my shirts that has been ruined with a stain is because of that very same reason. The boobage just collects EVERYTHING. I would swear it just throws it's self out there to protect the table from those nasty salsa stains or butter drips.

Bunny Bunster said...

We too got the fun freezing rain, snow, sleet mix.
Our schools are closed today, and even dismissed early yesterday.
My workplace had a two hour delay of opening.
Fun times on slick roads...

Badness Jones said...

The Princess is SO eager to lose her baby teeth - but she's only just 4! She has a gap between her top front teeth (which I think is adorable) but she hates it. I just hate winter.

Josie said...

For some odd reason we have been spared for the first time this month.
This coming Tuesday looks nasty for us though :(
I want a Target in Canada. That pusre is too cute. And shirts for 4.98??? I can't even get socks for that.
The teeth....expensive time for the tooth fairy :)
And I'm sure you Sheperd's Pie was not "thigusthing"