Thursday, February 21, 2008

February photo 21

Did any of y'all watch the lunar eclipse last night? We did. Actually, we HAD to, as it was Graceful's homework.

The girls were so excited and worried that they would miss the whole thing, until we explained that it wasn't dramatic like that, that it would take about an hour to happen and wasn't a 15 second occurance.

Luckily, their bedrooms are on the east side of the house and their beds are near the windows, so they could lie in their beds, all warm and cozy. And if Elegant just happened to fall asleep early on? Well, that's just bonus. And if Graceful fell asleep shortly thereafter? Double bonus.

I did not take the photo above, which I shamelessly stole from Yahoo News. The moon did not actually look like that here in Virginia. Maybe in the other 49 states, but not mine. It was small and white, then a l-o-n-g time later it was small and brown, then m-u-c-h later it was small and white again.

So now all residents of Jenworld can say they've seen a lunar eclipse. The next one is in 2010 and something tells me we'll be watching it then too.


alison said...

I saw it!!!! And it did look like that picture. In fact, I think I put the exact same picture in my blog, I probably should go back and explain that I didn't take the pic.

But up here in Ottawa, it was big and orangy-red and very creepy/awe inspiring. Too bad it was so bloody cold, I could only watch in 10 minute increments. To see it I had to be out on the walkway in the front yard. I'm glad I did, though, since I got so busy with the girls helping finish a homework project around 6-6:30 that I forgot to go out and see if I could see the spy satellite going over before it got blown up.

Melissa said...

It's got to be location--the moon was huge and white and shadowy when Mr. T & I watched it, we saw it 3/4 covered up with shadow and my hand against the playroom window was smaller than the moon outside. Finally! One good thing about living in the northern tundra region!

Mrs. G. said...

We saw it too. It was lovely and exciting and a good reason to make popcorn.

Flutterby said...

It looked like that here for the whole 2 seconds we got to see it before the freaking clouds swallowed it up again. We literally had one tiny gap in a completely clouded sky and saw it through that. It was like Mother Nature was saying "Here doofuses; take a peek; HA made ya look."

Bunny Bunster said...

I'm so mad! I forgot to look!
And, to make it worse, I was even driving at eclipse time.
**growl, grumble, growl**

MadMad said...

What is up with the moon as homework?! Don't these teachers realize our kids could be in BED, darn it? Once? A teacher made us chart the moon for a WHOLE STUPID MONTH. Of course I lost my son's piece of paper - who can hold on to something for a month?!

Vanessa said...

I saw it and tried to photograph it and my camera screwed up! ARRRGH!