Sunday, February 17, 2008

February photo 17

Remember when your children were little and they could fit on your lap, with room to spare?

That doesn't work so well here anymore:

But sisterly competition is a fierce thing and can lead to some serious ingenuity.


Sarah O. said...

Looks to me as though your daughters' growth isn't posing a serious problem yet, just an excellent photo op!

My kids are pretty full-size now, sniff. Even my generous lap won't hold them.

Thanks for being my (grrr!) Facebook pal! I don't know how to do much on it yet so I'm sending you good karma. Really, it's about the only thing I can do on it so far.

Mrs. G. said...

This is some serious sweetness.

Peggy Sez.. said...

I can almost hear the giggles from here!..;)

countrymouse said...

awwwww--Daddy and his girls. Life just doesn't get much better : )

Traci Anne said...

Awww, cute!

Linda and her Surroundings said...

My son loves to jump all over me, then wrestle me down in the hope of perhaps farting on me in the process. Not sure if that is as sweet and pink pyjamed gals.