Sunday, February 10, 2008

February photo 10

Today's photo was actually taken by my husband. As he was leaving yesterday to schlep Graceful hither and yon for her Saturday activities -- we divide and conquer on Saturdays and I had drawn the short straw for Elegant's 9 a.m. class -- I handed him the camera and commanded him to get this photo:

Graceful has been riding since she was in kindergarten. She is absolutely animal crazy, but since there's a ban on all non-human creatures in Jenworld, this will have to suffice for her

We love the farm where Graceful rides. It's a real working farm with around 17 hooved creatures -- horses, ponies, donkeys, and mules -- plus cats, bunnies, etc. The owners of the farm are incredibly nice people and they work so hard. They just barely make it financially, but this is what they love, so this is what they do. Graceful's instructor is the teenage daughter, who was 14 when we first met her and is now a senior in high school.

In the photo above, Graceful is riding Rosie, who is a Welsh pony. I think Welshes are the largest of the ponies and really aren't that much smaller than a horse. When Graceful first started riding, she rode a Shetland, which is one of the smallest ponies. She has recently started riding some of the horses, but what she rides from week to week depends on which animals are active that day and which ones are resting.


MizMell said...

It's nice she gets an opportunity to fulfill her "animal fix."
Do you ride?

Ree said...

Welsh ponies are wonderful creatures. Much more gentle than mean little Shetlands with their Napoleon complex.

(Um, can you tell I was a horsie girl growing up? I must go find pictures of my horse).

I love that Graceful gets to ride - and so young. May the love stay with her all of her life.

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

MizMell: Nope, never. Nor am I interested. I am just not interested in animals at all, plus the smell of the farm during the warm months makes my stomach heave. That said, I'm very happy that Grace loves horses and I willingly take her to lessons and then hang around the farm while she's there.

Vanessa said...

WHy is there a ban on non-human creatures? Did I miss something? If she wants she can come to my petting zoo of a house. We charge admission on a donation basis and visiting hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from noon to 5pm. ;)

Seriously, I have two dogs, 2 hamsters (they live in the bathtub and let me tell you how thrilled the S.O. is with this arrangement) a hermit crab, 5 betas, two aquariums of fish and frogs. So, yeah, a zoo really.

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Vanessa: I am allergic to dogs and cats, plus I just don't like animals in general, nor do I have the time to deal with them. And we all know the ultimate responsibility would land on me.

Peggy Sez.. said...

Another beautiful pic! Is Graceful planning to compete later or is this just a wish of hers come true?

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Peggy: At this point, G is not interested in competing, which is just fine with us. She really just loves being with the animals and riding for just fun.

Sarah O. said...

Graceful looks so relaxed on her pony. Blissful, really. What a nice thing to do for her, taking her to the smelly farm and all!

shay said...

Oh wow! how wonderful that she can do that. I'm considering putting my girls into lessons but I'm not sure I want to commit to another thing.

we were pet free over here too until I succored to a dog:) She won me over.

Family Adventure said...

He did get a GREAT shot of her. What a lovely day to go riding!

You are good parents, you two! :)