Friday, February 22, 2008

Eco fun

Melissa at Green Girl in Wisconsin and I have been working on a fun project: Eco Women: Protectors of the Planet! We'll get started on March 1 and plan to talk about the continuing adventures of Enviro Girl and Recycla as they try to save Planet Earth.

Yes folks, it's another damn eco blog. But! Ours is going to be fun. And EASY. So wander over there on March 1 and join the Eco Women on their mission for truth, justice, and the Green Way.

~ ~ ~

Speaking of eco stuff, a few weeks ago, Jan at The Prytz Family talked about Indigo Wild, a fabulous company that produces organic personal care and household products. They have a line called Zum, which includes Zum Body (lotions) and Zum Clean (cleaning supplies). I took Jan's advice and ordered various soaps, lotions, scrubs, laundry detergent, and cleaning supplies. The box arrived yesterday and my word it smelled SO GOOD even before I opened it. They even included several samples of other goodies, so it really was a fun box to open.

One disappointment was that the fine folks at Indigo Wild opted to use packing peanuts to pad the contents of the box. I don't care if they were so-called environmentally friendly packing peanuts or not; packing peanuts are the work of the Dark Side and I hate them, I just hate them. They float all over the place and skitter out of my reach as I grab for them. Plus, sorting through all those damn P.P. to find the parts of my order was a royal pain in the royal ass.

But that's a minor thing compared to all the other great things. I'm looking forward to trying all my new stuff and will let you know the results on Eco Women. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be placing another order soon, because Indigo Wild makes something called Zum Bum -- which is some sort of "bidet in a bottle" -- which Pete thinks is freaking hilarious and keeps calling "ass spray." I might just order up several bottles and make Pete test everything out on his own personal ass. Which I might add is mighty cute, but that's my opinion.


Melissa said...

Cool! I've heard of the Zum stuff, didn't know where it came from though.

Mrs. G. said...

This sounds extra exciting. You guys will be my second eco-blog. Yay!