Monday, February 25, 2008

And we're related ... how?

A conversation while we were at my parents' house this weekend:

Graceful, "Aunt Meredith, how old are you?"

Mer, "Thirty-five."

Graceful, "You're old enough to be president now."

Mer, something like, "You're right, I am, but I'm not well-funded enough to run."

Jen, clearly with Satan sitting on my shoulder, trying to stir up trouble, "Yeah but Graceful, what would you do if Aunt Mer ran as a Republican? Would you still vote for her?"

Graceful, looking very concerned, "Hmmm, I'd have to think about that."

Looks of dismay from my sister and step-mother, both of whom are Republicans. In case you haven't figured this out yet, we here in Jenworld are Democrats, including the children. They pretty much believe that George W. Bush is the most evil person alive. We've tried to explain that, no, it's actually Dick Cheney who is of greater concern. Bush, after all, is not smart enough to do any real damage. And, yes, my children do also believe that Bush is of sub-par intelligence.

My stepmother, "I can't believe how you're brainwashing your children."

Jen, apparently itching for a fight, "They're my children and I'm raising them to think the way I do, which is part of what parenting is about."

At that point, my sister, sensing trouble, wisely changed the subject to Obama vs. Hillary, which got us on more neutral ground, if you can believe that.

DNA is a really weird fucking thing.


The MomBabe said...

Oi, every child is brainwashed. Kids are a direct result of their environment, whatever that may be. Good, bad, or indifferent, they think that whatever their parents do is right, and everyone else is not. Brain.Washed. No?

Flutterby said...

And I am thinking I stay out of this conversation.

Melissa said...

Oh my! I love that whole exchange! My parents think Bush & Cheney walk on water, which makes me doubt them at some pretty fundamental levels. Even my adorable Mr. D admits that his Republican vote was poorly cast last 2 times round.

erin said...

Nice! I remember having a conversation about politics with my nephew in '04 when he was 11 - my sis & bro-in-law refused to weigh in on Bush b/c they wanted my nephew to "make up his own mind." And that meant I couldn't say anything either b/c my bro-in-law thinks I'm "too partisan" and a "bleeding-heart liberal." (I say thanks on both counts!) So the child sat there spewing out the things his social studies teacher - who was clearly a Republican - had told the class, and said that if he were old enough to vote, he'd vote for Bush. I nearly wept. I think kids are going to be influenced one way or the other, so the bulk of it might as well come from the parents. When I was growing up we discussed politics & current events over dinner all the time, so I think it's perfectly normal.

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Ah, Flutterby, we still heart you! :-)

Josie said...

I so love your girls.
And brainwashing? How so? I would say both girls are intelligent enough to make up their own minds.

Vanessa said...

Kudos to you for teaching the right!