Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A true story

Once upon a time, there was an aunt. We'll call her Aunt Jen.

Aunt Jen had a nephew -- a boy whom she loved a great deal. Possibly even an eensy weensy bit more than her other nephews.

This boy was a baby, less than a year old, and growing and changing every day. So when Aunt Jen realized that it was January 21 and she hadn't seen the boy in FOUR WHOLE WEEKS, she took matters into her own capable hands and went on a road trip to a city an hour away.

It turns out that the boy had indeed changed greatly in the preceding 27 days.

He was cuter:

... and friendlier:

... and loved his cousins even more:

... and just so damn cute that we're going to have a real problem on our hands when he's older and learns how to milk it more than he already does:

However, some things never change.

No matter how much a boy grows, he still needs his sleep:

So Aunt Jen got her baby fix and things were better.

The end.

P.S. to relatives and others who need more of a Micah fix: VIDEOS!

This one's only 17 seconds. Ignore the chitchat in the background. Just watch the boy. He does a subtle little dance to his toy's music. Then, he notices the camera...

Here's an 11 second bit of Micah walking with the aid of a toy and boy is he ever so pleased with himself:


Vanessa said...

He is VERY cute! Why can't they stay cute and small and not sassy for ever? You are very lucky!

countrymouse said...

Confirmed: That baby could NOT, in fact, be any cuter!

Jan said...

Cute, too, too cute.

Family Adventure said...

Awww...my heart just melted. That video where he sees the video and waves - that's just priceless.

How are you ever going to be able to return him??


The Guider said...

Oh those pics and video are so cute. I want to be an Aunty Jen NOW!
Maximum of three weeks till my wish comes true...

Badness Jones said...

Oh baby boys....is there anything cuter? Trouble is...they know it!

Melissa said...

Ah, this is such a charming age--so fleeting and precious.

Mrs. G. said...

I love these kinds of stories. Can I have him?

Professor J said...

That is one beautiful boy!

erin said...

Wait, I'm not clear - are you a big fan of the little guy? It's so tough to tell... :)

Seriously though, there is an overabundance of cute in this post!