Friday, January 18, 2008


We ended up getting about four inches of snow yesterday. School was closed early.

(No snickering from the Vikings and the Cannucks.)

As we were leaving to pick up the girls at 11:00, Pete grabbed a sled. I thought it was so that the girls could have fun on the way home. I was wrong:

At the top of our driveway...

... and the bottom right after I jumped out of the way.

And then again a couple blocks later.

No, he's not a big kid at all.

We gathered our children and they got a ride across the playground:

And then we stopped by the big sledding hill next to the playground:

The girls weren't dressed for snow at all, other than their boots, which we had brought with us. They were troopers in spite of being very wet and cold.

The man of the house was kind enough to offer rides part of the way home:

The girls once saw a trailer for the Simpsons movie, which included a scene with Homer and some sled dogs. They thought it was hilarious and yelled, "Mush! Mush" to make Pete go faster.

We peeled off wet coats, gloves, boots, etc. Graceful immediately took a hot shower and put on warm PJs. Elegant put on snow clothes and went back outside:

It takes a big leap...

... to make a snow angel.

No, she's not cute at all:

The rest of the afternoon was quiet. Pete and I worked and the girls played. We wanted comfort food for dinner and decided on tacos. I baked chocolate chip cookies for dessert. By dinner, we knew that school would be opening two hours late today, so Pete and the girls watched a movie, while I did other things.

Since it's Friday and cold and snowy out, I'd love to stay in my PJs and do nothing. Alas, that won't be happening. I have several hours of work to knock off, plus my in-laws are driving down from the northeast, so I have to do some cleaning. Oh, and we have MASSIVE piles of recycling that I'm going to have to load into the van and take to the recycling center. In the snow, natch.


Melissa said...

I love snow days. I laugh because I've pulled the kids in the sled home from school and when they yell mush, I tip them out. They love to yell mush.

Happy Working Mom said...

Holy cow...look at all that snow!!! I wish we had snow...if it's going to be cold, it might as well snow!

countrymouse said...

What a great big kid/dad : ) Such fun for the girls!

And hey--I'm a little late on this but congrats on your England trip! And I hold very little bitterness and jealousy toward you ; )

The Guider said...

Aww, really cool - and I love the pics, all of them.

erin said...

Looks like you guys all made the most of the snowy day. Great pictures!

PS - I think freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies are a requirement when it snows!

Traci Anne said...

I'm not gonna lie, G's adorable, but El's my favorite - the solo snow pic is awesome!

Family Adventure said...

Love the pictures. I am not going to comment on how a 'sprinkling' of snow caused a snow day at all. Suffice to say that the girls look so cute in ALL THAT snow :)


Badness Jones said...

(snicker)... I remember snow days when I was a kid....I loved them. Sounds like you had a good one!

Linda and her Surroundings said...

I know you must freeze your bum off in the snow, but it looks so gorgeous and romantic to me here in warm Melbourne.

BlueBella said...

Not my whipping arm!!! LOL

Glad to see you had a wonderful time in the snow:)

I have a Siberian Husky you can borrow . . . or have. . . if you want . . . not that he may chew up anything at all . .. I'm just sayin . . .

blackbird said...

What a great day!
I have one that would snuggle into PJ's after that adventure and one that would dive right back in!

Kristabella said...

I wish it would snow here. Only because it’s supposed to be below zero this weekend.

And I really need to get myself to a hill for some sledding!

Josie said...

I would have been fighting Pete for that tobaggon ride down the driveway.

Funny, we have green/brown grass right now :)