Sunday, January 13, 2008


Mrs. G. has a post up today about her love of pajamas. Okay, the main point of her post is that it's her 100th blog entry and that she's giving away two cute pairs of PJs to two people who comment. But! You should go look at the cute jammies and enter yourself in the drawing. I was FIRST today.

Interestingly, this leads into today's post. I've had sleep habits on the brain lately -- specifically what makes me comfortable, both mentally and physically, so that I can sleep.

I can actually nap just about anywhere and almost at a moment's notice. To wit:
  • I take a 5-10 minute nap almost every afternoon around 1:30. If I'm busy and can't do it then, I shoot for around 4:00, when my girls are usually deeply into their library books and not running amok.
  • I have napped on sofas, in comfortable chairs, on uncomfortable benches, and in planes, trains, and automobiles.
  • I almost always nap on long driving trips. I'll be hit by a wave of lethargy that I just can't fight and I'm asleep within moments. (No, never while I'm the driver.)
  • I have nearly fallen asleep in various children's museums while my girls have been happily scampering around.
  • I have even napped in the middle of a major college football game. Pre-kids, Pete and I used to have season tickets for our alma mater (Go Hoos!) and went to every home game for years. One game, I was so bored that I leaned back in my stadium seat and got some Zzzzzzz's.
  • This fall, when I watched my nephew Micah on Football Game Saturdays, if he fell asleep in my arms, the chances were pretty good that I would doze too.
So, yes, I am a champion napper.

I am, however, a little pickier about sleeping at night. My pillows have to be just so. I have to have the right combination of sheets and blankets on the bed. Pete can be curled around me, but I don't like it if his hands are on my bare skin, so he knows to make sure my shirt is covering my stomach. I am just too ticklish for it to be any other way.

As for my pajamas, I am firmly in the 100% cotton camp and it's always pajamas, not nightgowns. A T-shirt and capri bottoms in the warm months; a long sleeve shirt and long baggy bottoms in the cold months. Yes, I know, this is really quite sex-ay, but Pete knows how I am. I actually got all sorts of slinky, silky bits of lingerie before we got married and took it all on our honeymoon. About halfway through our trip, it was so obvious that I was uncomfortable that Pete actually asked if I'd packed any of my usual cotton PJs. I don't want to wear something that's going to cause me to slide right out of the bed in the middle of the night.

About our bedroom: I prefer for it to be soothing. Our walls are a very pale blue and there's not a lot of color in our room at all. There are only a few paintings on the walls and they're soothing landscapes. I have no curtains on the windows -- just blinds to block light when the sun comes up. There are no books in our room and also no TV. I try to keep things as clear of clutter as possible. If I could have a Zen bedroom -- just a simple bed and nothing else -- I'd be quite happy.

How about everyone else? What helps you sleep?


Family Adventure said...

Books make me sleep. I cannot go to bed without reading. No matter how late it is, what I've been doing - doesn't matter. I must read first.

I wish I had your ability to nap anywhere. I am so envious. Many a time, I've been stuck on a transatlantic flight, wishing I could just catch a few z's....

Heidi :)

smalltownmom said...

I am jealous of your napping ability. It takes me forever to get to sleep.

My older son falls asleep instantly when he is a passenger in the car.

Bunny Bunster said...

If sleeping were an Olympic event, you and I would be wearing gold medals in our cotton jammies!!
I am a confessed Jammie whore. In fact I never got out of my jammies today, but then again I was up late making the prettiest beaded sun-catchers!!

Ree said...

Being covered to my neck. (Always my shoulders. Even in the summer.)

No pajamas or nightgowns.

Socks are a must.

I, too, am envious of the ability to nap wherever and whenever. I sleep deep fast and wake up crabby.

david mcmahon said...

I'm a father of three - which means I can nap anywhere, except on a plane!!!

Just make sure you don't catch me napping ....

Jennifer said...

I really don't need anything special to sleep. A place where I can close my eyes will usually do the trick. :-)

Sue said...

I can sleep anywhere, anytime. I can fall asleep typing, in the middle of a conversation - anything. And at night, I'm asleep within a minute from the time my head hits the pillow. It drives my husband NUTS.

richgold said...

Your post makes me laugh silently. When I'm at my mother's cottage, I've got a nightgown that I only use there. I call it the chastity gown. A cotton, some what fitted bodice, arms feel like sausages, but it keeps me warm as I've been known to move about a bit at night.

For me, I sleep best if the room is cooler (about 17 degrees C is preferable). I like my feet to hang off the edge of the bed, and I like my decrepit feather pillow, and the edge of my newer feather-like pillow.

Cats are relegated to the bottom of the bed. Children sandwiched between me and the huz are optional. Cold feet require wool work socks.

SalPal1017 said...

Give me a napping gold medal too. I've been known to doze at NASCAR races. I love my naps!

Sarah O. said...

For some reason, I'm an excellent napper but can I fall asleep at night? NO! Maybe it's because I'm naturally nocturnal. Oh yeah, also the giant dog in the bed.

I wear nighties in the summer and jammies in the winter. Yes, the honeymoon's over. I like prim sleepwear.

Traci Anne said...

I can nap any time, anywhere... and I'm a hardcore sleeper-inner, but it usually takes me 30 minutes or so to fall asleep at night! So annoying.

kristabella said...

I’d love to take naps every day. It is the highlight of my weekends when I take little naps on the couch while watching TV or reading. I swear I’m half cat because I can’t stay awake for too many hours at a time. Nine-hour work days are killer!

I’m all for comfy PJs. I wear a t-shirt and yoga pants or shorts.