Friday, January 11, 2008

The REAL stuff, baby

As an antidote to listening to the "High School Musical" soundtrack and "Hannah Montana" SO DAMN MUCH this week, we have been listening to Led Zeppelin for the past two hours. What's next? A crash course in "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band." Clearly, we have sorely neglected our children's educations.


Lacey Bean said...

I used to LOVE pulling out my parents records (yes records) and listening to the Beatles. Sgt Peppers is awesome, I think I'm more of a Help! and Hard Days Night girl though.

Sarah O. said...

You know how much I love Led Zeppelin?

1. I subscribe to XM Radio just because they have an all-Zep station.

2. My kids are SO SICK of hearing it.

3. Two days ago was Jimmy Page's 64th birthday (AAAAAUGH!!!). The kids begged me to shut the hell up about Led Zeppelin trivia.

Also, check this out. Scroll down to see its excellent companion CD's.

Bunny Bunster said...

Zepplin is my well as Sonny Boy lurves them as well. A good musical foundation is important in today's youth. (If I hear Souldja Boy one more time I may crack though!)

By the way, I just wanted you to know that I am stringing beads right now, you inspired me! It's totally fun. I love it!! I also bought a bunch of buttons that I thought I would string as well.
I'll post pictures on my page.

Traci Anne said...

Mmmmm, I'm a Revolver girl :)

Excellent choices :)

Badness Jones said...

My kids love the Beatles....especially Yellow Submarine...and much as I love the fab four, if that song made it to #1, there were a whole lotta people doing drugs in the 60's!

smalltownmom said...

We watched Yellow Submarine last week.

And Zep? We worry about my husband if he has anything else besides Zep in his car. Usually it is 5 Zep/Page/Plant CDs and one Aerosmith in the changer. Must tell him about the XM station!

And I'm "mature" enough to say, I still own records...and CDs...AND an iPod. You can embrace the new technology and still keep the old stuff!

Jill said...

My kids hate High School Musical and Hannah Montana.
I'm so proud :0)