Monday, January 21, 2008

Pay it forward

I got to participate in Flutterby's Pay It Forward post and lookedy look look at what she sent:

Every bit of this package was pretty.

Ta da!

She sent another string of beads for my kitchen window!!! And do you remember those birds my girls and I think are so cute? Flutterby sent us four of those. And a bracelet for each girl and also a cute little candle for me. (Well, maybe it's for Pete, but I'm not sharing.)


Now it's time for me to pay it forward. Since Flutterby has set the bar so high, I have my work cut out for me, but I think I can handle the pressure. Without going into too much detail, I will say only that my box o' wonder will contain a combination of Etsy stuff (by a local artist) and local yummies. My fellow females in Jenworld will also be involved in the wrapping and packing. And you haven't lived until you've received a package that my girls have helped put together and decorate. Lots and lots of ribbons. Loads o' stickers. All the colors of the rainbow.

If you want to participate and are willing to pay it forward to three bloggers, please leave a comment here by the end of Thursday (Virginia time -- same as NYC and Washington, DC). Feel free to tell me how much you heart me and/or the other residents of Jenworld, although sucking up is not necessary since this will be a random drawing. Also, if you don't like gourmet chocolate, you might want to mention that in your comment too.

My assistants and I will choose three names out of a pretty hat and announce the winners shortly thereafter.


Melissa said...

Okay, not only is that gift BEAUTIFUL, it's wrapped so lovely too. I envy the crafty.

The Guider said...

Well you know I heart you big style but I've already won the prize of meeting you (oops, just threw up a little in my mouth) so don't put my name in the hat.

Flutterby said...

pssst.. a hint about the birds: Remember how you looked at them and they were so ridiculously over priced? I am going to give away a secret... the birds I sent came from the Dollar Tree. Yep. A two pack for a freaking dollar, lol. I thought they were so pretty and I LOVED the colors of them.
And I am not in the drawing, just so you know. I need to take a break from mailing stuff, lol.

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Flutterby: Dollar Tree? Really? I am SO THERE. The girls each got a branch from the yard yesterday and we wired the birds on and put the results in their bedrooms. More is needed.

Also, memo to self: I am SO IN the drawing, because I really want to buy myself some stuff.

Traci Anne said...

Oo oo oo oo me me me me me!!!

*jumping with hand in air*

Vanessa said...

That is one gorgeous package! I'd love to be the one for the next pay it forward. Please choose me! I LOVE mail. While I respect the holiday, I'm really sad there is no mail today.

daysgoby said...

I'll do it! Pretty packages make me smile!

Kristin said...

I'd say I would do it, but seriously, I am a bit crap about going to the post office... things tend to just sort of accumulate in my car...

Because I am lazy.


Kristin said...

oh, but i can send from etsy? ok, i want to play!!

Mig said...

I love surprises, I'd do it too.

Does it matter I haven't been a member of Jenworld all that long?

I hope not! :-)

countrymouse said...

Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Jenworld is the place I visit when I need a hit of life with young daughters. I miss the days when Beautiful was that age . . . *sniff*

(Hmm, what started as sucking up managed to end in a big ole nostaligic mess : )

Lisa @ Take90West said...

I love good mail!
And I'd love to pay it forward to a few other bloggers.
But I don't really eat chocolate, does that disqualify me?

Josie said...

Just tell me what I have to do, as I've been out of the loop and I'm all in.

Love sending presents. Love it :)


Something coming for the girls for Valentines in the shape of Kinder Surprise.