Monday, January 28, 2008

Little bits of Jen's gray matter

It's the little things that make a difference. It would never have occurred to me to buy bras while shopping for groceries. "Hmm, let's see... We need milk, eggs, Oreos, and three bras." And to know that now I won't be charged more for being more generously endowed, well that makes me want to go to the grocery store while we're in England. Just because I can.

~ ~ ~

Also, I'd just like to point out for the record that Rihanna got her edgy new haircut AFTER the Hair God did the same thing to my very own personal head of hair early last week:

Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. Just to be certain: Rihanna, I'm going to wear jeans and a black shirt today, so try not to copy me, okay? Thanks!

(Okay, so she's gorgeous and tall and thin and I actually brush my hair out of my eyes. But still, it's essentially the same look.)

~ ~ ~

Graceful has a physics project due this week. Physics, people. The child is in third grade. I'm not even sure I covered this stuff in advanced high school physics. Well, maybe I did but that was a long time ago and it obviously hasn't stayed with me.

I took one look at the assignment and told the girl she was going to have to talk to her father because this was beyond me. The students have learned about simple machines (pulleys, levers, etc.) and have to design a playground or obstacle course using six different simple machines and one compound machine (two simple ones combined).

Someone remind me of this the next time I bitch and moan about public schools not sufficiently challenging the smart students. THIS is homework that I can live with, as opposed to the ridiculous make work the children had last semester.

(And let me just say hello to Graceful's teacher, whom I believe lurks here. Hi! In spite of my griping all year, you are the best teacher we've ever had at the school and we truly appreciate what you do.)

~ ~ ~

Wrapping up a couple of loose ends that no one else but me cares about:
  • Regarding that neighbor I don't want to help when she pops out yet another child, I haven't actually seen her in a few weeks and probably won't for the foreseeable future. We had some safety concerns about the school bus, so our girls are no longer riding home in the afternoon, which is when I would see that mother. With any luck, I won't actually have to make a decision on whether or not to be a good neighbor. Lame, I know, but I have pledged to be honest here, so honesty is what you get from me.
  • Last week Pete and I withdrew Elegant's application to the private school we'd applied her to last fall. We had met with the head of the school and were not pleased with how the meeting went. Suffice it to say that the head of school was not overly friendly, nor was this person at all enthusiastic about having our amazing wonderful delightful child at that school. In spite of that, we were strongly encouraged to enroll BOTH of our girls there next year and not wait until the following year on Graceful. Seriously. I was pretty stressed about it, but then the girls brought home their report cards (excellent all around) and we were pleased to see that El's doing well and trying hard in school.
~ ~ ~

Finally, I had my weigh in to day and I have no idea what my true weight is. I stepped on the scales, looked down and saw the number. I stepped off and realized that I wasn't 100% certain about what I saw, so I got on again. The second number was different from the first. So I weighed myself a third time. Different number. All within two minutes. WTF?! So I'm taking the middle number and going with it.

It must be Monday.


The Guider said...

Don't shop at Asda when you're here m'dear, shop at Tesco and Sainsburys, both of whom also sell bras. Or Waitrose which is right posh but always yummy.

Glad to hear school issues are resolving themselves.

Traci Anne said...

What does the new haircut look like??

Lisa @ Take90West said...

Do we get to see this Rihanna like haircut of yours?

Glad the girls are doing well this year, the projects though...sometimes they are more work for the parents than the kids. A lot of the time.

blackbird said...

Oh, it's monday all right.

And I need it to be thursday - okay?

Vanessa said...

I bet the new hair is very sexy! As far as the weight? I say average the numbers and go with that.

Family Adventure said...

I'm really glad that the girls are doing well at school. And as long as they are -- why rock the boat, right?? Especially by moving to a school you are not 100% confident about.

And very, very cool hair cut. I am thinking about trying it out myself. :)


Josie said...

It must be a British thing - we sell bras, underwear, clothes, name it in some of the grocery chains.

I feel your pain on the Physics Jen. WB use to bring those projects home and as it was just me, a lot of swear words were learned at a young age.

Glad to hear the girls are doing so well in school.

Melissa said...

Love your sexy new hair do (wish you'd post the shot of YOUR head wearing it though). The weight? Go with the lower one. Your daughters success in school? I will drink to that tonight! Being lame with your neighbor? Inaction is a course of action, so stay the course!

Aims said...

I saw that pic yesterday and decided I want her hair too! how did it work for you? Go on put a photo up....

Sarah O. said...

Gee, your Monday sounds like a good Thursday. Whatever that means.

Gotta go. The Super Target is waiting and I need milk, eggs and a TV.

Mrs. G. said...

Rihanna is totally copying you. Your are a trendsetter even though you are willing to buy your bras at the grocery store.

Linda and her Surroundings said...

I once bought a bargain pack of undies at the supermarket and all I can say is they were the worst ever - I swear the crotch was about 5 inches wide!!! Let that be a warning of what you may get if you buy a bra whilst shopping for milk and eggs.

Physics - zzzzzzzzzzzzz

MizMell said...

New hair! Always good for a change of perspective.