Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I get by with a little help from my friends*

I have decided that you, my bloggy friends, are truly wonderful people. Well, okay, I've long since known that, but my appreciation increased recently.

To wit:
  • A couple weeks ago, I expressed concern about potentially being gang pressed into helping a neighbor that I don't particularly want to help. Y'all came through with some great advice.
  • Yesterday, I was feeling a bit down about losing motivation in my continuing quest to get to a healthy weight. Your comments were really supportive and helped me regain some of my positive attitude.
  • The Guider has been invaluable as we've planned our trip to England. She's researched hotels, suggested about places to visit, and answered a number of my questions. I was already eager to meet her, but now I really can't wait.
  • I've been having a problem with dry flaky irritated skin around my eyes this winter -- more so than I usually do. Since Traci has a beauty blog, I emailed her with a plea for advice. She did some research and got back to me with some suggestions, which I will be implementing this week.
  • Our dishwasher died a long, slow death. It took months, as vital organs died one-by-one. Pete would tinker with it and either things would or would not improve. We called in outside help, which confirmed that our dishwasher was dying and we should put it out of its misery. I was ready to take a sledge hammer to it, but Pete tried more life support, to no avail. We agreed to pull the plug. Then, Pete dithered on what to purchase, so I emailed Marijean, who's an appliance guru, and asked for guidance. She came through with suggestions, which Pete acted on last week, and some guys are here installing the new appliance as I type. (No Mj, I don't know what it is. Only that it's white, it's a Sears something-or-the-other, and it cost slightly less than one sale-priced Virgin Atlantic ticket to London.)

So you, my friends, rock. Thanks to everyone for all the wonderful comments and general friendship.

About the dishwasher. I have to tell you that these are the quietest workers evereverever. Seriously. They're not talking and their tools are making only muted noises. I swear, it's like they're Scientologists during a silent labor and delivery, only without the crazy. Amazing.

Finally, one more thing about the upcoming trip: I walked into the study last night, to find my husband looking at a website that looked suspiciously like he was planning to visit a British amusement park. I reminded him that amusement parks are not part of the approved itinerary. Specifically, he was looking at info on the London Dungeon, which we both agree we are most definitely not visiting. But! The website is rather amusing, especially this list of rides. I thought the U.S. was the world leader in amusement concepts, but I'm going to have to tip my hat to the Brits. Where else, I ask you, can you relive the London Fire of 1666, pretend to be a prostitute stalked by Jack the Ripper, AND experience the Great Plague of 1665, complete with boils? Pure genius, I tell you.

We're still not going.

* With thanks to the Fab Four.


The Guider said...

"The Guider has been invaluable as we've planned our trip to England. She's researched hotels, suggested about places to visit, and answered a number of my questions. I was already eager to meet her, but now I really can't wait."

translates as:

"The Guider has gone freaky stalky on me since I let on we're coming to England.
She's booked us into hotels, arranged our itinerary, and won't stop emailing me.
I was eager to meet her, but now I am really frightened."

Tee hee

And London Dungeons are meant to be great - I'd class them as a visitor attraction not a theme park though.

Lacey Bean said...

I so wish I would have known about that when I went to London!!! Hahaha.

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Guider: But I just love freaky stalky e-friends. And how do you know I won't get all freaky stalky on you? After all, I'm going to be in your hometown. :-)

Family Adventure said...

Jennifer, I couldn't agree with you more...I've made the most amazing bloggy friends (yourself included). It's so cool to make these bonds with people half around the world! :)


Melissa said...

Oh yeah, that takes me back to the year I brought students to England and Scotland. We did a Jack the Ripper tour in London and a Witchery Tour in Edinburgh. We loved it and I nicknamed the whole trip "The UK: Blood and Gore Version I." I think the scariest bit was being in a very bad East London neighborhood at nighttime with a weird tourist guy who kept walking in my "comfort zone" and staring at me. The rest was grand.

And I agree. Blogger friends are awesome. It's the most generous community of people I've ever encountered.

Caroline said...

Is it bad that I really want to go to the London Dungeon? I think it sounds fun.....

The Guider said...

Well NOW I am scared...

Flutterby said...

That dishwasher's gotta be a Kenmore. And before everyone yammers in telling me *someone else makes them for Sears and slaps the Kenmore name one them* I KNOW that. But for some reason or other we've never had much good luck with other major name brands but when it hides behind the Kenmore name, well... there is just something magic in the connection, lol.

Traci Anne said...

Any time! :)

And OMG I so want to go to the dungeons, even though I hate haunted houses and would likely have nightmares. But I still wanna go!