Saturday, January 05, 2008

Girls, girls, girls

Ten signs that girls, not boys, live in our house:

1. Our extension cords are bundled with fuzzy hot pink pipe cleaners. (Do boy families even own those?)

2. The plethora of fairy-themed books in the living room, on the kitchen table, stacked on the stairs....

3. One lavender bedroom, one pink bedroom, and two pale blue bathrooms. Oh yeah, and those bedrooms are utterly loaded with dolls, doll accessories, a doll house, and so much more.

4. The sheer number of pink accessories in the front hall: three coats, three umbrellas, seven or eight sets of gloves, one winter hat, two scarves, and one backpack.

5. Two pink digital cameras on the desk -- one with a blue "G" and one with a hot pink "E."

6. The American Girl catalog in the recycling bin.

7. The "Hannah Montana" CD in the stereo.

8. DVDs such as "Saddle Club," "The Princess Diaries," and "Nancy Drew."

9. The ginormous bag of beads in our crafts closet.

10. The fact that we even have a crafts closet.

Thank gawd Pete's not one of those testosterone-oozing men who does fantasy football, baseball, AND basketball leagues; plays 36 holes of golf on Saturday morning; and adjusts himself with disgusting frequency and regularity because I don't think he could handle all the estrogen in Jenworld. Then again, he and I would not be married with two children if he were one of those men because I would have long since dumped his macho ass.


Bunny Bunster said...

They make pipe cleaners in hot pink fuzziness?? I had no clue!

Let me go count the baseball caps laying about my house...

smalltownmom said...

3 men in my house: let me count the number of remotes, number of man shoes, etc. There's NO pink, but I manage to sneak in some purple here and there.

Claire B. said...

Oh, your girls are lucky. I grew up in the middle of seven kids (the oldest four had flown). Three boys, me, three more boys. Mom and I didn't have a chance!

Is it an wonder that pink remains my favorite color?? :-)

Family Adventure said...

Yep, this is all foreign to me, living in all-boy-land as I do :)


Mrs. G. said...

I can't help notice that the word Lego wasn't mentioned once. Sigh.

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

It only takes one real sign to determine whether you have boys or girls living in your home. DO you have to triple check the seat of the commode and surrounding area before sitting on it to ensure that your tush stays urine free? If not, you have girls...

Sarah O. said...

I have one girl and one boy and you'd think I have two boys. My daughter never liked girly things of any sort. Which used to drive me CRAZY because I always wanted a little girl to host tea parties and dress up. But I adore her anyway.

Josie said...

1. no pink fuzzie anything in this house.
2. all sci fi and murder mystery books.
3. LOL. No pink, no dolls.
4. I see a theme of pink.
5. Pink. Again.
6. I have a Victoria's Secret in the bin. Does that count?
7. Amberlin in our CD player. Think teenage angst.
8. Simosons movie, Superbad and 300.
9. A craft closet? Really? We have pseudo sports closet.
10. See 9.

Pete is a good man. A very good man :) Can't wait till puberty hits!!

Sue said...

Bwa ha ha! We were a girl heavy household, and now I am having to remember to buy boy stuff for my little guy. I mean, he would be perfectly happy to wear princess dresses and pink gloves, but my husband objects.

Linda and her Surroundings said...

Yep, yep, that sounds like a girl house. The lack of electronic gadgets indicates such as well.

blackbird said...

It's like this entire post is written in a foreign language.

Melissa said...

I have to chuckle at your list. We have a craft cupboard and I've tossed American Girl in the recycling bin but probably for different reasons;)

Lori Anderson Designs said...

Agh, and I have all men, even the cats. One word and you should get my pet peeve -- toilets.