Friday, January 25, 2008

Cold mornings, spring gardening, a moody daughter, etc.

The Pay it Forward drawing will be this weekend and I'll announce winners whenever I get around to it, which will probably be sooner rather than later.

~ ~ ~

It was 12 degrees Farenheit when we walked the girls to school this morning. Elegant dealt with the cold by burrowing into her coat, so that only her eyeballs were visible. Her hands were shoved deeply into her pockets, so I linked my arm through hers and essentially led her to school.

Whenever she spoke, all I heard was, "Mmmphmmph..."

"What was that you said?"

"I SAID 'Why does it have to be so cold?' Can't you hear me?!"

~ ~ ~

After drop-off, Pete headed home and I went on a brisk loop through the neighborhood. When I got home, my husband had a sunny-side-up egg waiting for me, which I supplemented with piping hot oatmeal (plain -- flavored with raisins, cinnamon, and a few drops of maple syrup). Yum.

~ ~ ~

I'm just pleased I managed to make it through my walk today without injuring myself. Yesterday, I fell again. I was talking to Pete as we headed home, which meant that I wasn't paying attention to anything else. I didn't see the rock on the sidewalk until I was down on the ground and could get a really close look at it. Not only did I rip open the same knee that took weeks to heal last fall, I also ruined my pants. Not such a big deal, except that I don't have that many pants that fit me right now and I'm not in the market to buy pants I'm not going to wear for long. Grrr...

(And yes Mom, I'm fine.)

Pete suggested that I not only patch the pants and continue to wear them, but that I should get some fun colorful patches. I thought it was a marvelous idea and bought the necessary supplies yesterday. I might never wear these pants in public again, but they'll be fine for hanging out in Jenworld.

~ ~ ~

To make myself feel better, I went to Tar-zhay yesterday. I was actually there to stock up on various supplies, but somehow or the other, a couple pairs of fun socks ended up in my shopping cart. And some new pants. I also got a new bag, which was totally serendipitous. I usually carry a black messenger bag, but it's a little too large, so I've been thinking about getting a smaller one. Color me happy when I found an absolutely perfectly-sized black messenger bag hidden amongst the man purses in the men's department. I thought it was on sale for $13, but it was actually marked down to less than $4! As far as I'm concerned, this good karma totally evens out the earlier bad karma with my knee and pants.

~ ~ ~

The resident nine-year-old was moody and weepy again last night. The best I can tell, her world is absolutely perfect -- her report card yesterday was stellar, her friends adore her, and things are generally going well. Mother Nature has blessed this child with beauty, intelligence, and many other attributes. Apparently Mother "I'm a Bitch" Nature has decided that teenage angst will be starting NOW, years before the child is actually a teenager.

My mother can confirm or deny this, but I swear I don't remember being like this almost 30 years ago. Then again, it was almost 30 years ago and my memory is admittedly fuzzy.

If the girl's moodiness continues, I'm going to get mother-daughter prescriptions for Valium for her 10th birthday.

~ ~ ~

The gardening bug has bitten me. What is it, one month into winter, with two months to go? Two nights ago, I started sketching ideas for what I'm going to do in the gardens this spring (rip out boxwoods, add more lavender plants, plant strawberries). Last night, I emailed a local nursery to ask questions about some of the plants I'm thinking of adding to the edible gardens this year. I also ordered seeds -- a full three months before I'll be planting. Clearly I need to get a grip.

~ ~ ~

That's all I've got today. No humor, just the random musings of my brain.

Does anyone have any great plans this weekend?


Bunny Bunster said...

No big plans here in Bunster land, other than making soup. I'm thinking vegtable soup sounds good. It was 3 degrees here this morning.
Sorry to hear that you fell and boogered your knee up.

The MomBabe said...

no plans for us. But I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that gets extra's at Target... blasted cute socks!

Traci Anne said...

Sounds like Mama needs caffeine. Or a margarita. :)

shay said...

no big plans over here in Speil-land:)
It's kind of a nice change actually. We have our friends coming on Wed. with their EIGHT (yes you read that right) kids.

I love the patch idea:)
I think girls are just like that. I remember being kind of a beotch myself:)

Flutterby said...

Tarzhay has the BEST CLEARANCE sales!! I had been wanting a good sized tray, a nice one, for carrying things out to the deck when we eat out there in the summer and fall, or for drinks etc... couldn't find one I wanted to spend as much money on as they usually cost. Got into a stack of them at Target one day. They were $30 trays, wood and metal, really nice. I got one for $6.
Eggs sunny side up... yummmmm if there's toast to sop it all up with, lol.

countrymouse said...

traci ann--you speaka my language!!!!

So, the thing about your mom and whether she may remember your behavior 30 years ago? She won't. Trust me : ) It's all a distant, rose-colored memory. I know this from my own mom, my mom-in-law, and oddly it is so with me and my two older kids already. Go figure : )

Also, you reminded me of a funny pants ripping story. Maybe I'll get around to it some time : )

Josie said...

Sounds like Mom needs some ketchup chips and special liquers :)

Must be the weather - WB is channeling some PMSing 17yr old girl today.

I am babysitting my 20 month old god son for 36 hours and then working the night shift Sun at the pub. Maybe I need a drink?

smalltownmom said...

Today I went to the dentist.

Tomorrow I have an hour and a half drive south and will drive past two Tar-zhay's (I haven't been to one in a year!), but with 2 12-ish-year old boys in tow, PAST Tar-zhay is where I'll go. Our itinerary is In-N-Out Burger, then their People to People meeting.

Sunday I take my boy to his cousin's birthday party, only an hour and a quarter going north. Plus I pick up my mother-in-law on the way.

I will need something far stronger than caffeine when this weekend is over.

Hope your knee heals. I have a mystery bruise below my right derriere.

Family Adventure said...

Hey, Jen, just wanted to let you know that I totally relate the moodiness. Christopher is a bit older, at 11, but he is so moody, cranky and difficult at the moment, it drives me crazy.

I don't know what it is, but it seems darn early to me, too!