Thursday, January 17, 2008

The blog spot (a.k.a. #19)

Even though I could talktalktalk this morning about Merrie Olde England and how excited we all are about this trip and how many emails Guider and I have exchanged, instead I will bore you with something else.

Remember how I promised y'all some photos of the work we've been doing on our study? This is the very same project that involved a road trip to the Mother Ship and numerous maddening trips to the hardware store. We're not completely done yet, but mostly are. The cussing is done, which should give you a sense of where we are with this.

I used to blog at this desk in this corner of our study:

You like the invisible computer and the invisible piles of stuff?

Now that corner of the room looks like this:

This chair is temporary until we find the Perfect Chair. Unfortunately, what we each want is not the same thing at all, so we're having a difficult time finding something that pleases both of us. Alas, our little town is not exactly known for having swell mod furniture, so we'll probably have to do some online shopping and/or make a road trip to a Big City. Given how much we just spent on airline tickets, I'm not sure how quickly we'll be investing in the Perfect Chair.

Also, we need a lamp, but that's a minor detail. Oh, and those curtains have to go. And, while that little table is empty of stuff now, I'm sure it will have a pile of crapola soon enough. Actually, I just looked behind me and it already does. Damn, that was fast.

About that map: It was Pete's when he was a kid and used to be in his mother's classroom when she taught. It's very popular with our girls because it's a relief map and they like to not only see places they've visited but also feel them. Grandma's house in Houston is smooth, but the grandparents' house in Virginia is bumpy. The map frame used to be a shiteous brown, but last summer I covered the brown with a nice glossy black, which vastly improved it.

On another wall in our study, this is what we spent so damn long constructing:

We have only one computer set up now, and we're still sorting through papers and organizing our shit, but you get the general idea.

I really cannot believe Pete hasn't said anything to me about my cobalt glass collection on top of the cabinets, because I figured he'd balk over that one. I guess his silence is implicit approval and possibly even enthusiastic permission to find more cobalt bottles. The glass looks freaking awesome when the morning sun shines through the window.

Oh, and if you ever get the insane idea to buy some IKEA! kitchen cabinets and install them yourself, let me assure you this part of the project was a real pain in the ass and is what caused the most cussing. Consumer Reports loves IKEA! cabinets and swore they were easy to install. Given that we're pretty handy and that IKEA! stuff is meant to be assembled by people who are not necessarily good with tools (or even own tools), we assumed this part of the project would be a walk in the park. We assumed wrong.

Here, let me move around the room so that you see my blogging spot better:

So this is where I blog. When you read my posts, imagine me sitting here, typing fast and furious, usually with Mommy Caffeine next to me. (Due to the calories, I have only half a bottle a day. There's only so much a girl can give up, people.)

Can you see my inspiration board on the wall? I originally hung it in the living room, but it didn't look right there, so it's now next to my computer, where I can look at it and ponder. It's mostly covered with family photos, but the bottom quarter has pictures I've pulled from magazines -- things that inspire me, projects I want to try, ideas that should scare the bejesus out of Pete, etc.

And that's all I have this morning. It started snowing just before we walked the girls to school and the snow is really coming down. There's only a few inches on the ground at this point, but this being Virginia, all the school systems are freaking out and schools are either closed already or are closing early. Pete's working from home today and we're getting the girls from school at 11:00. Oh no, there won't be much wild excitement here this afternoon. Or cocoa and marshmallows. Or possibly even cookies.


smalltownmom said...

Nice! The cobalt glass is lovely. There's a house near me which has blue glass lined up on their windowsill.

I would be embarassed to show you my computer desk.

Traci Anne said...

Oh, I really like this!!

I actually don't have a desk - our apartment's way too small. Since I have a laptop, I get the bed!

Traci Anne said...

Oh, I really like this!!

I actually don't have a desk - our apartment's way too small. Since I have a laptop, I get the bed!

TX Poppet said...

So nice! I've seen "inspiration boards" in magazines, but thought they looked junky. Now that I've seen yours, I may just start one. Looks great.

You are so brave to go modern. I love the way it looks, but Spouse attracts clutter like horses attract flies and no one wants to see cluttered modern, so it's antique-y poos for me. "Oh that's not clutter, that's vintage charm!"

Mrs. G. said...

Things look great!!

"I guess his silence is implicit approval and possibly even enthusiastic permission to find more cobalt bottles."

I like the way you think.

Melissa said...

This looks so very nice! And sleek! I have reno envy. Not of the effort & swearing required, but of the results, naturally;)

Badness Jones said...

I love decorating posts! I keep meaning to do one about the boy's room....

I thought Ikea was Swedish for "I think we're missing one @#%*& screw!!"! I actually love some of their stuff, but it has caused a few near breakdowns on assembly.

Lucky you...with an office....I blog from hubby's home office, I have to clear piles of rubbish just to find the keyboard!

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Smalltownmom: Trust me, my work space is rarely clean or neat.

TX: Oh, there's clutter in our house too. I live with three packrats, so it's as if every damn day their goal is to thwart my attempts at Zen.

Mrs. G.: Pete read that line right after I posted and clearly stated that there is no approval and he's not encouraging me to get more. I'm sure I will, however.

Family Adventure said...

I love it...why were the cabinets hard to install? I ask know...we might want to put some up too. Because they totally ROCK that office, if I do say so myself. And the cobalt blue bottles highlight the cabinets beautifully.

Good job!


Karen MEG said...

Oh that looks great!!!! You don't want to see my office...hurricane hit, and keeps on coming.
I hear ya on Ikea though; we always end up with extra screws, etc... and it's like "Huh? Uh-oh" and we put our hands together to pray that nothing will come crashing down :). I love the cobalt collection BTW.
And I love snow days!

Bunny Bunster said...

Just so you will know: Skyy vodka comes in a beautiful colbalt blue bottle.

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

TX: Forgot to mention, you can get the sheet metal for inspiration boards at the hardware store. Just make sure to bring a magnet with you to ensure you've bought something that will actually hold magnets. Very important -- or else you would get all the way home with that damn heavy metal, only to discover that magnets fall right off.

blackbird said...

It looks great.
I'd never attempt hanging cabinets - I'm sure they'd end up on the floor the next day.

Sarah O. said...


Also, I lived in Maryland in the 90's and remember how that part of the world falls apart at the first snowflake...

Peggy Sez.. said...

I am sooo jealous! I got a new desk for Christmas..It hasn't arrived yet.So today will be my third call to find out WHY it isn't here.Can I borrow your idea and show you (tomorrow) how my blogging spot looks now?

P.S. LOVE the "Cobalt" blue glass.I bet it does look glorious in the sunlight.

alison said...

Just lovely! I blog either from work or in my dank dark unfinished basement. Sigh.

I love the cobalt glass too! I was looking at the picture and thought, wait a minute, I recognize that bottle on the left. I clicked on the pic and sure enough, I have a bottle of that pinot grigio with the dragonfly on it in the wine rack at home.

MizMell said...

I like your space. And I am imagining you sitting right there keyboarding away with coffee at your side.

Kristabella said...

I like it! A nice improvement!

I'm much happier with my blog spot now that I have a laptop. Before I had my back to the TV. Now I blog from the couch with my feet up.