Saturday, January 19, 2008


Things that make me happy on a cold Saturday morning:
  • A great walk -- This morning I dropped Elegant off at a class at the university and then went for a wonderful three mile walk through academic buildings, old houses, and more.
  • Mom Caffeine -- A bottle is 200 calories, but I pour HALF of one into a nice mug and enjoy it while I blog.
  • Led Zeppelin (Sarah O., this is for you) -- I never listened to them when I was in high school. Pete introduced me in college, but I'd have to say that my deep appreciation didn't begin until recently, like last week. Blasphemy, I know. I'm working hard to redeem myself.
  • New yarn -- I have a couple of knitting projects in progress right now and am pleased how they're turning out.
  • Great jeans -- The new jeans I bought last month are no longer too tight. They feel good and I like how they look. That said, I can't wait until they're too big for me.
  • My new blog spot -- I am just so damn happy with how everything looks and how the space functions.
  • My e-friends -- I can't tell you how much pleasure I receive from your comments and your emails. Your blogs are always interesting and I've learned so much from all of you in the past year. I love how I'm finally going to meet the Guider in England and April and how my girls get to attend a Brownie meeting with the Guider's daughter.
  • England -- Duh. I am still so damn excited about this trip, but y'all knew that already.
Is anyone else out there feeling happy and at peace today?


countrymouse said...

You and me both on the late blooming Led Zeppelin appreciation! I figure I just wasn't ready to fully appreciate them until now : )

smalltownmom said...

I'm happy this week too. I had some good things workwise, which I'll blog about eventually. And I get some one-on-one time with my older son today. That's a rare but welcome event. Have a great weekend!

Vanessa said...

I SO hear you on the jeans. I bought a new pair before Christmas, they fit and are on the way to being loose. I basically 'will' them into looseness every time I put them on!

Traci Anne said...

Sounds like you're having a fabulous weekend!! Mine's pretty darn neat too, I'll blog about it in a bit!

Jennifer said...

Ah, Led Zep. Better late than never.

This list made me happy this Saturday afternoon. Does that count?

Hope said...

I'm feeling that way about U2 lately...the dh loves Zep...

Suzanne said...

Trying to pretend I am ready for my father's imminent arrival (10:30pm tonight).

Lounging on the couch surfing the internets instead of sewing, cleaning, taking out the recycling and compost (hey, it's freezing outside today!), vacuuming, clearing the guest room table and surrounding area in the basement/theatre office.

I suppose I better get off my butt and get into gear, though.

Ree said...

My bliss is that my reader finally notified me of your updates and I found out that I had 6(!) entries to read.

and here I thought you were just out playing in the snow or something.

I'm envious of your trip. The only part of England I saw was Heathrow, although I must admit, my credit card was happy I didn't make it out of the airport. ;-)

Flutterby said...

NBew smaller jeans were the BEST part of losing weight for me! I didn't weigh myself often, I would just try on a smaller pair of jeans. And when
I could squeeze into the next smaller pair, I would buy them. And when they got loose even after washing, I would to try on another smaller pair... the biggest thrill of my life was they day I pulled on a pair of size 6 jeans. And they fit. Considering I had started out with being thrilled that a size 16 fit me one day... sigh. Now if I could just get back into that freaking size 6.

Kristabella said...

Man, do I wish it wasn't below zero and I could go outside for a walk without the wind ripping my face off and freezing my nose hairs.

Melissa said...

Lucky you! AND you get to meet Guider? Brilliant!