Friday, December 14, 2007

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care...

Well, presents for me have finally started appearing under the tree. If Pete has started shopping, then Christmas must truly be around the corner.

I'm pretty excited about everyone's gifts this year. I think we (okay, *I*) have done a good job with the hunting and gathering. We've also managed to do a reasonable job of finding gifts for the girls that will make them happy, but are not plastic crapola, overpriced American Girl shit, or other oh-my-god-I'm-desperate gifts. We give them more than Santa does, but not obscenely more, as these are children who have no real needs. This year, Santa is bringing each girl a toy from a local boutique toy store, a stack of the Amelia books they love so much, and the contents of their stockings.

Ah yes, the stockings.

I don't know why, but that is my favorite part of the gift giving. There's just something about digging through all those little things that gladdens my greedy heart. So I spend a lot of time (and probably far too much money) working on the girls' stockings. I'm finally done and here are the results:
  • bracelets made by Lori
  • beaded hair clips I found on Etsy
  • fluffy chenille socks from Hanna Andersson
  • Webkinz trading cards
  • hand soap
  • one CD each (High School Musical and Hannah Montana - clearly I'm on crack)
  • various other little things, including fun pencil erasers for school
  • and of course, treats: M&Ms, a Jelly Belly Christmas mix, etc.
  • finishing things off, on the very top, will be a lump of chocolate coal
I also give a lot of thought to the contents of Pete's stocking, but am not going to mention anything specific here since he might read it. In general, he usually gets various food treats -- more on the order of spicy sauces than candy, which he doesn't really eat -- and then other small things.

What about y'all? What kinds of stocking stuffers do you buy and what do you like to receive?


Mommi Tutu said...

Sounds like you've got things under control! Woo hoo!
I love doing stockings, and in fact, my sister and I still get presents from Santa at my folks. ... yeah we're in out 30's, but who cares?! We always get a few goodies for my folks' stockings from Santa, too and it's fun to find my folks continually surprised, year after year they have something in their stockings.
We also have another tradition at our house, after all the presents are opened and we have Christmas dinner, there is still ONE MORE GIFT! It's called a table gift, and after dinner we each take turns solving a riddle or puzzle to get our final gift. My Mom always has such fun buying these presents and making up the games for us to get them. And year after year I forget about this last gift and am always excited to get just one more! (Yeah I'm a greedy present lovin' fool!)

Family Adventure said...

You are putting me in a panic...I am so far from being done...and I have so much work to do, I just don't know when I'll get a moment to go shopping. Argh.

Stocking is not something we do in Scandinavia, but Mike introduced it to me after we got married. Which is *awesome* because it means that he is in charge of the stockings. Totally and completely. It rocks :) :) :)

I'm still flabbergasted at your 13 pounds girlfriend. I just want to lose 5 and having a heck of a time doing it. What's your secret?

Have a good one, Heidi

The Hotfessional said...

Shortman's favorite stocking stuffer is Chiclets. Y'know, the gum? And gold-foil-covered chocolates. I'll probably give him a giftcard or two in there this year as well. Now that he's driving, I don't have to take him all over town. Bonus.

Flutterby said...

This year my kids are each getting a certificate for a game download for their cellphones. Mermaid gets things like nail polish and lip gloss and other teen girlie things. Gadget usually ends up with a video game or two stuffed in there. And of course candies and such. Hub gets food goodies to. Coffees and little bottles of flavored syrup (sugarfree of course) This year a new thumbdrive; a 4gb one I came across for half price.

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Heidi, all I've done is exercise more and eat much less. That's it. The rest is a mystery to me too.

smalltownmom said...

Stockings in my house include small things: chocolate of course, small games, a CD, deck of cards, etc. And sometimes "Santa" is generous and stuffs some cold hard cash in there. (Don't tell, but that's my husband sharing his Christmas bonus.)

Melissa said...

I wish stuffing stockings were so easy for us. The only things going in them so far are LifeSaver books (kicking it Old School, here) and DVDs by Pixar. My stocking is always a surprise if it's full since apparently it's my job to fill them;)

Mrs. G. said...

Congrats on the slimmer bum! Way to work it.

You are a good stocking stuffer. Can I send you my address. I love Mr. G. but the man is sad in the stocking department.

countrymouse said...

Stockings are my favorite part too! Especially for Beautiful--she's so easy to get wonderful little treasures for. The boys, on the other hand . . .

Hubby usually does a nice job stuffing mine with lots of good chocolate and fun kitchen things. His, besides his favorite salty snacks, always has to include a piece of fun lingerie. Men. : )

And yes, you really are on crack, aren't you ; )

MizMell said...

I'm pushing for stocking stuffers here for JB and I, but not sure how it'll turn up. They were a staple, a hundred years ago, and help everything from fine jewelry to night gowns.

I'm sorry to hear about your grandpa...

The Guider said...

Hi Jen! Stockings in our house this year will be themed: Boy's will have a door hanger with his name on and 20 Hot Wheels cars (Sounds like a lot but it was £7.99 for 20!!!). Girl's will have three Webkinz and a Webkinz bracelet.

They'll also have a bag of chocolate coins, a £1 coin and a tangerine.

Sorry to hear the news about your grandpa btw - though glad the funeral had a bit more decorum!

erin said...

There were three things we could always count on in our stockings when my brothers and sister and I were growing up: a Christmas ornament, a new toothbrush, and an orange in the toe of the stocking.

The rest of the stocking would be filled with random other little things, but those are the three things I remember. My brothers and sister have kids and they have carried on this tradition with them, just like I will when I have a kid.

I really like that tradition mommi tutu's family does - I like the idea of one final gift!