Thursday, December 06, 2007

It's cold here.

So here's Elegant's First Americans project that WE completed last night:

Unlike Graceful's project last year, we were able to complete the whole damn thing in one afternoon and evening.

Elegant painted the grass -- and added some glitter for extra sparkle -- and while the paint was drying, we worked on the rest. The teepee is bamboo skewers and a brown paper bag, which took a considerable amount of Genuine Authentic First American Hot Glue to keep it stable and in place. There was also a lot of Genuine Authentic Jen Cussing while I fumbled with the teepee supports and tried to get them to hold still, just hold still damn it.

Elegant constructed a fire, with rocks around it for safety. No, there's no meatloaf roasting on a spit.

And just for kicks, here are a couple of photos from our walk to school this morning:

It was 22 degrees and what I would call butt-cold. I know mine was.

And, again, no snickering from anyone who is either currently living with two foot snow drifts OR reading blogs by the pool.


Family Adventure said...

Our weather is miserable, too. Our roads are covered in slick ice, just begging for broken bones. It's terrifying.

In better news...that is one swanky looking teepee, not to mention a very authentic looking fire. You did good! :)


Mooselet said...

Oooooo, lookit the pretty snow. I so do not miss it! And you can't bust my hump in 6 months as Brisbane winter is much like winter in Florida - so brief as to be non-existent. And did I mention we'll be swimming this weekend?

Hey, don't throw that at me! :-)

I like the teepee, though. I always hate those family projects.

Sue said...

Oh my gosh, do you live in the woods? How COOL!

Badness Jones said...

How come the kid's projects are always so much work for mommies? Looks great though...but Jen, you don't know from cold! It was -12C when we went to get our tree last weekend!

Professor J said...

I love the fire ring. Safety first!

And I won't make snarky comments about the weather in San Antonio. I promise.

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

SUE: No, we don't live in the woods, but our neighborhood is older and full of wonderful big trees. We do cut through one small wooded area to shorten the trip, which is about as rustic as it gets.

Flutterby said...

I always thought that if our Native Americans had duct tape and glue guns, we would have been so extremely far above the Romans and their lousy concrete.

smalltownmom said...

And Pete is wearing shorts?

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Smalltownmom: Always, even in January, although he'll eventually wear pants if it gets warm enough or if he has to look nice. He only wears khaki shorts, of which he has an unknown number in varying degrees of sameness. No, I can't explain it either, except that he's very warm blooded, which is to my benefit when I'm cold, which is nearly always.

Josie said...

Love the project. Brings back memories of the "active" volcano we built back in Grade 6.

And 22 degrees is warm for me hon. Haven't felt my butt in over a week...or any other extremity for that matter.