Friday, December 21, 2007

From Canada, with love

Yesterday, Blackbird blogged about a fab care package her family got from friends in Japan. In the comments, I sighed in awe and admiration and mentioned how much I love stuff like that.

Three hours later, UPS pulled in front of my house. With a box. A big one. From Josie in Canada and her son Wonder Boy. Filled with all sorts of treats from her snowy part of the world. I knew the box was coming and had even sent Josie and Wonder Boy a reciprocal box with treats from our corner of Virginia.

The excitement! Oh people, the excitement! Can you just imagine what Graceful and Elegant had to say about a box. That came ALL THE WAY FROM CANADA?!?!?!? There were gasps of excitement and amazement.

And then we opened the box:

That large bubble-wrapped package on the right? Chocolate liquors. For me. Oh okay, and Pete too.

I mentioned in a meme several weeks ago that I like ketchup on potato chips and then Josie introduced me to this Canadian marvel:

That's right. Ketchup chips. And we now only have 1.5 bags, whilst I have a new food porn addiction. Damn you Josie!

For the girls, individual boxes just chock full of amazing candy and other goodies, including temporary tattoos of the Canadian flag, which Elegant is just dying to apply ALL OVER her body:

For each girl, there were two Kinder Eggs -- a mythological treat that they had heard of, but never actually eaten. The girls chose two treats for after dinner last night and chose both of their Kinder Eggs. It appears that I need to find a dealer for this new drug addiction.

Graceful's reaction:

The girls after thoroughly investigating their haul:

[Random side notes: As opposed to the photo I posted yesterday, this is what my children normally look like, including non-matching clothes and hair in their faces. Also? The room in this photo is our study and it's about to get a major overhaul, including new furniture, and that sofa in the background will be GONE BABY GONE -- I've been waiting for this for years. Years, I tell you.]

I've already emailed Josie to thank her, but I'm saying it again:



alison said...

Mwahaha! It's all part of an insidious plot for Canada to take over the world one snack food at a time!

My girls love Aeros and Rae would sell me in a minute for a Coffee Crisp. Seriously. Leah's the ketchup chip addict in our house, and Rae is the dill pickle chip afficianado.

Happy munching. And Merry Christmas. (Your girls are gorgeous, by the way.)

Josie said...

Love the pictures and so happy the girls liked their boxes.
Anytime you need replenishment on the ketchup chips and/or Kinder eggs, let me know. I have a free pipeline to the States :)

Lacey Bean said...

I loooooooove Kinder Eggs!! I discovered them when I went to Italy, and my old coworker is German so whenever she goes home she would get them for me. Best invention EVER. (You would think I'm a child, wouldnt you??)

Grace Ellen said...

I've purchased Kinder Eggs at World Market several times.

Suzanne said...

I love that final photo of the girls. That's exactly how I imagine them and it has the energy and personality I thought was missing in those other photo proofs you shared with me.

Graceful is obviously so much more relaxed and comfortable when it's you behind the camera. And Elegant is never afraid to let her abundant exuberance shine through.

Some day when I have the time, energy & $$, I'll send a care package from the Great Northwest.

Bunny Bunster said...

WOW! That is so cool!! All of it is so cool. The six days, they goodies from Canada, everything.
And the picture with her mouth wide open?? Totally me!! Even now.