Wednesday, December 05, 2007

First snow

We are getting our first snow of the winter at this very moment. We've gotten less than an inch since this morning, but it's still snow in my book.

[No snickering from any Vikings, Cannucks, or Cheeseheads who might be reading this. It still counts as snow, dammit, even if we can't ski on it or make igloos with it.]

[Also, no smug commentary from any Aussies or Kiwis -- remember, in six months I can tweak you when you're shivering and bitching about the cold.]

For us, the serious winter weather comes in January and February, sometimes even in March. And, once, in April, which really sucked.

For whatever reason, Virginians totally lose their shit over the prospect of snow. If there's even a hint of snow in the weather forecast, most everyone heads straight to the store to stock up on milk and bread and toilet paper. Even if the weatherman is calling for only an inch of snow, everyone stockpiles with the ferocity of a neo-Nazi in Idaho preparing for Armageddon.

Here in Jenworld, I can happily report that we most certainly do not lose our shit over the concept of snow. To the contrary, we avoid the grocery stores if snow is in the forecast. Not that we don't prepare -- oh, we do -- but our preparations are bit different.

Two examples:
  1. A few years ago, snow and ice were predicted for a Saturday night. Pete, the girls, and I laid in our supplies. First we went to the library and got a big-ass pile of books. Then, we drove over to the gourmet market on Main Street and hit the cheese shop, the bakery, and the chocolate store. We're not stupid. If we're going to be housebound for a couple of days, we want good books and even better food. The kind of food that Weight Watchers frowns upon when eaten as actual meals. I think that a platter cheeses and breads makes for a mighty fine dinner, especially when accompanied by the peace that is brought on by every member of my family being deeply entranced by a good book.
  2. Once about 11 or 12 years ago, a massive snowstorm dumped about 15-18 inches of snow overnight. Everything shut down and I didn't go to work for ten days. I am not kidding. Virginia was simply not prepared for it. It took Pete and me three days just to shovel our driveway. Sometime after that, Pete walked the mile to the grocery store to get some vital foodstuffs: beer, steaks, and chocolate. That's how we survive here in Jenworld.
So I'm sitting here at my work computer, not really concentrating on work so much. I'm looking forward to an hour from now when the girls will come home from school. We'll have cocoa and popcorn for a snack, then the girls are going to help me wrap some gifts. Then Elegant is going to work on her damn Indian project. And we'll do it all with the snow falling outside.


The Guider said...

Hee hee - when I asked my husband what he wanted me to get in for Christmas, he said: "stilton, gouda and brie." I looked a bit stunned at the brevity and fromage-based nature of this list and he said: "Well, we are cheese people."

Enjoy the snow

MizMell said...

Snow here started as I drove the 30 miles to school this am. I enjoyed the peace the invariably comes with snowfall. It came at a most opportune time since I had a biology test today!
I'm hoping there's more tomorrow (but not next week--exams!)

Mommi Tutu said...

Sounds utterly fantastic . . .can I get snowed in with you guys? :)

Flutterby said...

We had a May snow once. It looked so pretty on my purple iris in the garden. I have pictures somewhere of it; I will have to dig them up. Being snowed in sucks. Especially when it happens after the stupid weatherman says it won't and you wake up to almost two freaking feet of it.
And cheese is good.

Family Adventure said...

I love the way you handle snow. But if I did that here in Norway...WeightWatchers would *really* have something to worry about.


alison said...

Nope, no snickering here. Really. And your instincts are right on. When a storm is forecast, we head for the grocery store, the library and the liquor store. In that order. Knowing that there's a fridge full of food as you recline on the couch with a novel and a glass of red wine, makes the storm enjoyable.