Wednesday, December 12, 2007

2007 by the numbers

A few weeks ago, I talked about Christmas newsletters and what I'd really like to read. I fully confess that we are Christmas newsletter people, although we try hard for humor -- good humor.

This year, we took a different approach to sharing updates about our family. Check it out (slightly edited to omit some names and to add a few things I forgot on the first round):

Merry Christmas from Jenworld! 2007 by the Numbers:

1 – The number of mini trampolines purchased this year. (Number of jumps so far – thousands.)
2 – The number of new nephews born this year. (Micah G. in March and Teddy B. in August.)
15 – The number of hours Pete spent at his motorcycle training class in April.
0 – Chance that Jen will let Pete actually purchase a motorcycle.
8 – Number of new movie theater seats in our basement.
1 – The number of teeth Graceful had pulled this year in anticipation of getting braces in the next year or two.
5 – The number of dollars left by Olivia Whitetooth, Graceful’s personal tooth fairy, as a reward for bravery.
2 – The number of teeth picked up this year by Ivana Goldtooth, Elegant’s personal tooth fairy.
3 – Graceful’s jersey number in soccer this fall.
90 – The length (in minutes) of Elegant’s weekly art classes. She’s learning a variety of techniques and styles.
4 – The number of people in our house who now wear glasses. Elegant got her first pair this fall.
6 – The number of back-to-back cases of strep throat Graceful had in the nine months before her June tonsillectomy.
14 – The number of hours (roundtrip) we spent in the car driving to and from Nyack, NY to visit family.
0 - The number of times Jen said, "Don't make me reach back there."
6 - The number of days we were in Houston visiting family in June.
6 - The number of days we were without internet access on that trip. Yet, we somehow survived.
7 – How old Elegant was on her birthday in September.
9 – How old Graceful was on her birthday in September.
9 – The number of months left until Pete’s 40th birthday.
8 – The number of months that Jennifer is younger than Pete. (Meaning, 17 months until she’s 40.)
11 – The number of amusement parks Pete visited this year.
3 - The number that Jen consented to visit.
0 - The number of roller coasters she rode.
89 – The number of books Jennifer has read in the past year.


Bunny Bunster said...

This is cool!!
But you omitted the number of bottles of wine (or other) drank.
86,589 The number of loads of laundry done in the past year.

Melissa said...

Wonderful! Cute about the motorcycle;)

Peggy Sez.. said...

JenWorld has been a busy place this past year!

Family Adventure said...

Awesome numbers.

My hubster took his lisence and got a motorcycle this year (sorry, Pete).

And, hey, we're almost the same ages - you and I, my hubster and yours.

Heidi :)

smalltownmom said...

I love this!

Lisa@Take90West said...

89 books! That is amazing!

Kristin said...

Fabulous! I especially love Olivia Whitetooth and Ivana Goldtooth!

The Guider said...

Fabulous. I have never done a newsletter before but I am totally nicking this idea for next year.

Badness Jones said...

That's a great list. Hubs would like a motorcycle too....and now so does the PRincess. But she says hers will be purple and big enough for ALL of us to ride on (including the dog) so I think I'm safe there for a while....