Saturday, November 10, 2007

'Tis not quite even the season

It's November 10 and by my calculations, we have about 46-ish days until Christmas. Also by my calculations -- and we all know my math skills are a bit shaky -- I am approximately 67% done with our Christmas shopping. Of that other 33%, I know what I'm getting every single one of those people except for two. Really. The only reason I'm not actually done with most of my list is that the recipients are getting:
  1. Something involving food that I won't purchase until next month.
  2. A check written to their favorite charity.
  3. Something made by me.
  4. Something that I simply haven't gotten off my lazy ass and bought/ordered yet.
For example, one baby nephew is getting a blanket that I'm knitting and should complete soon. Technically, in my mind, I'm not done with that boy yet.

In another example, I know what I'm getting my father for Christmas, but people I refuse to shop for him until a week or two before Christmas. Given his precarious health, I will not jinx anything by shopping too far in advance. I'm not superstitious, nor do I believe in Murphy's Law, but I will not fuck with karma where my father's health is concerned.

As for the residents of Jenworld, I'm done with Pete except for his stocking stuffers. He won't be getting a kick ass hand chair like last year, but I'll still manage to do right by him. (If you click on the link, scroll down until you see RED.)

(You hear that honey? I am DONE. Do you even have a list of gift ideas for me yet?)

We have a good start on the girls' gifts. It's surprisingly tough to shop for them because:
  1. We're not big on plastic crapola, which eliminates much of what's on the market. Instead we tend to buy the girls books and toys that aren't going to end up in a landfill within 60 days.
  2. The girls have not given us lists for Santa. Even when they do, they'll probably be really short. The girls do not see any TV ads, so they're not bombarding us with requests for the latest piece o' crap on the market. And I intercept the mail before the girls get home, which means the evil My Twinn catalog goes straight into the recycling bin (buried deep, I might add) before the girls can see it. So the girls' lists for Santa tend to be modest and realistic. (Well, except for those times that Graceful has requested a puppy or a new sibling, but those are never going to happen.)
Santa has finished all of his shopping for Graceful and Elegant, with the exception of candy for their stockings. That's right, you read that correctly. As of three days ago, Santa Claus and his elves had completed their work on Graceful and Elegant's gifts. Go ahead and marvel at the shopping goddess that I am.

I can't tell you what a relief it is to be done with that particular part of my shopping, not to mention how hard it was for me to find just the right gifts. I was seriously wondering if Santa was going to leave a note by the fireplace that said, "Sorry I just couldn't think of anything. Here's $100 for each of you. Don't blow it all on Webkinz." Luckily the girls had pointed some things out to me while we were at the local boutique toy store a couple weeks ago blowing their allowances, and I took note of everything that made them squeal in delight.

I won't have all of our shopping done by Thanksgiving -- which is my always my general goal -- but the little bit that remains will be easy stuff and won't involve me having to go to Walmart or any other store that I hate. Nor will it have me stressed out and edgy. So I'm sitting here, feeling a wee bit smug at the moment.

What else is new?


Jennifer said...

My kinda woman, you are.

I knew we had a kinderd spirit.


blackbird said...

I'm making a face at you.
Can you see it?

We are done shopping for the extended families with the exception of nieces and nephews. I really want to get them handmade things but it's difficult. I don't want to buy them something that I could make myself and yet I don't feel like making things myself.

That's what's new.

Melissa said...

Oh my, I envy your attitude and accomplishment. It's nice to meet a kindred spirit about the toy shopping though--we too have rules about plastic, batteries, and exposure to toy ads so I bet we house the male equivalent of your daughters' toy selection. Brava!

TX Poppet said...

You are my hero and yet I'm kinda jealous of you. Is that ok?

The Guider said...

Well done my woman!

Loved the "don't blow it all on Webkinz" comment.

Kirsten got £30 today for her birthday, of the 5 friends she invited to abseil/climb with her, 3 parents had planned to buy book tokens and ran out of time so gave her £10 instead.

Her mind has blown with the amount of money now in her piggy bank and she cannot even conceive of how to spend it.

Peggy Sez.. said...

I'm with you girl..Get that shopping done early so you can focus on the real spirit of the season called..What can I buy for me?!..LOL

Sue said...

I don't do any shopping until a week before. I'd rather enjoy November and most of December and then hurry up with it. Occasionally if I see something for one of the kids I'll pick it up, but not on purpose.

Plus, my siblings and parents and I, and my DH's siblings and parents, all have a NO GIFTS rule. We exchange ornaments instead. It has made the holidays ONE BILLION TIMES more enjoyable. Seriously.

Mrs. G. said...

I can feel your smugnacity all the way over here. Some of us are just trying to get through this day.

I haven't even started.

MizMell said...

Well earned smugness.

I'm nipping at your heels, but have Christmas sewing to do yet.

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Mrs. G: I know, I am a smug bitch. Feel free to mentally slap me a few times. I usually deserve it for something or the other. Anyone else who feels a smack is in order is welcome to think it too.

QueenMother said...

Good for you! We have the plastic crapola as well. Can you believe I am ALREADY donating gifts that were given to us about six months ago? That's right. I have been going through the boys toys and removing things surreptitiously. The boys do see commercials, but they feel really fortunate with their SMALL amount of presents.