Saturday, November 24, 2007

A message from the boy

Hi everyone! I'm Micah and I'm spending the day with Aunt Jen while my mom and dad are at the UVA - Virginia Tech football game.

(Go Hoos! Beat Tech! Yo Tech, suck it. Hokie Nation, my tiny little ass. I fart in your general direction.)

Anyway, so I'm spending the day in Jenworld and we're having a lot of fun, although Aunt Jen seems a little tired.

I've been really helpful, like when it was time to make lunch:

Yum! Sweet potatoes, peas, and oatmeal, with applesauce for dessert.

I took a long nap, but Aunt Jen didn't take any pictures because she was asleep with me. But I was really cute, I promise you.

I've been busy all afternoon.

I spent some time exploring the kitchen:

Then there was that long game of "Where's Micah?" I'm not sure what Aunt Jen is thinking. I know where I am, even if she doesn't.

Oh look! Markers and pencils...

... and paper too.

You know, it just grinds me that I don't have my own blog yet AND Aunt Jen won't share her computer with me:

Well, I'm off. Aunt Jen seems to think I need clean clothes and a dry diaper. I don't know why. There's only a little bit of spew on my shirt. And pants. Oh, and the undershirt too.



Anonymous said...

He is so cute with his red fuzzy hair. I would love to be an Auntie. I'm sure you are the cool kind. Have fun.

Mrs. G...I am having short term memory issues this morning and can't remember my google password.

Professor J said...

Looks like you two had a wonderful time. Yea nephews!

Melissa said...

soooo cute!

Family Adventure said...

Oooh...he is adorable. You are a lucky Auntie!