Thursday, November 08, 2007

A memo to my husband

To: Pete

From: me

Re: Just so you know...

Be careful when you open the freezer. Harris Teeter was a having a "buy 1/get 1 free" sale on ice cream and I bought some. Um, okay, more than just some. There are FOUR great big ol' tubs in the freezer and it's all the good stuff. I think there's pretty much something to make everyone happy in Jenworld. I'm just so pleased with my damn self that I want to dive in face-first right now. But I'll show some restraint. For now.

Oh, and I got those jalapeno peppers you asked for. It only took me THREE trips through the produce section to get it right. Why? Because the first time, I was so focused on just getting around all the little blue-hair old ladies that I sort of lost focus. And then I remembered two aisles later and went back to the produce section. But then I got distracted thinking about making a pot roast at some point in the near future and I forgot again. I blame the potatoes and mushrooms. So then, I was halfway through the store when I finally remembered the damn peppers, so I went all the way back to produce -- oh how I suffer for my family -- and said "jalapeno, jalapeno, jalapeno" over and over again until I finally put some in the cart. Did it for you, sweet thang.

Hang on...

Okay, I'm back. The freezer door just popped open and various food stuffs just fell out. I am not making this up. I have just unloaded the entire thing and reloaded almost everything. Some stuff is now in the basement freezer, but you're still going to want to be careful opening the kitchen freezer.

I also stocked up on tortillas. You know how I tend to go overboard when we run out of a food staple? We now have four large packs of tortillas in the kitchen. Guess what we're having for dinner?

I'm making the girls clean their rooms after school, so you can probably imagine what the general mood in Jenworld is going to be when you get home.

See you this evening.


smalltownmom said...

The top shelf continually falls out of my freezer and stuff is always falling on my feet. Ouch. Finally my husband took the shelf out yesterday to fix it.

erin said...

this cracked me up - I love your blog!

Suzanne said...

I love the image of you walking up & down the grocery aisles in a frenzy, silently mouthing "Jalapeño, jalapeño, jalapeño."


I think I might have some leftover coffee ice cream, now that you got me thinking about freezers and such. Gotta eat it before it become all crystallized and gooey, dontcha know ;)

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the tip on ice cream on sale at HT, I got some today, not as much as you, but I compulsively will eat it until it is all gone so I have to limit myself on the front end. However, we do have a freezer downstairs very handy for those great sales (or when my novice hunter husband bags two deer in one day).