Friday, November 02, 2007

Friday fragments

I'm SO glad it's Friday. Not only is it the weekend, it's a four day weekend for my girls, due to the teacher work days on Monday and Tuesday. Yes, I still have to work, but at least I won't have to get the girls up and moving early on those days.

Speaking of work, I'm still putting together the mailing to 1,256 people:

I should finish by the end of the weekend, so the mess will be gone soon enough. If not, then the girls and I will work in our jammies on Monday and we'll eat M&Ms as we do so. It's the Jenworld version of Take Your Daughters To Work Day.

I'm multi-tasking while I stuff envelopes and have been cooking the pumpkins:

This little dude is destined to be a pie in a few weeks. I'm actually looking forward to baking pies for Thanksgiving, which is a sure sign that the Apocalypse is upon us.

Best of all, I got to play with little Ava this morning, who was happy at first:

... but then didn't like it when I sang "Tainted Love" by Soft Cell:

Apparently my singing skills need work. A lot of work. Perhaps I should lip synch in the future.

I also ran out to Tar-zhay today and picked up this, that, and the other, including enough wrapping paper to wrap the Osmond family's gifts. (Does anyone other than me remember their Christmas special on TV every year? Supposedly all that those millionaire children got was a new toothbrush and robe.)

One thing I bought at Target was a pair of sneakers for a child at school who doesn't have any. I dropped them off at 2:00 and, while there, decided to check my girls out early and get a jump on the weekend.

So here we are on a Friday afternoon, with Target bags, backpacks, coats, sneakers, and the remnants of a 1,256 piece mailing all over the kitchen. The place is a disaster and I could not care less.

Happy Friday everyone!


My Semblance of Sanity said...

OK....I looked for it but evidently not far back enough....why so many envelopes?
GEEZ...that gives me the heebie jeebies just thinking about sitting down to do that!

Sue said...

Love the leopard print diaper cover. We totally used to watch the Osmond Christmas show. One year, while on vacation, my parents actually took us on a tour of the Osmond Studios. I think they secretly hoped we would actually BECOME the Osmonds, but sadly, we did not have the teeth for it.

Hope said...

I have the same mess only its care package stuff for my jarheads in is freaking everyehere...sounds like you are in good spirits though...that's good!

Family Adventure said...

"I should finish by the end of the weekend, so the mess will be gone soon enough. "

Honestly, Jen, you NEED to come to my house, if you think that's mess! :)

Ava is adorable. Is she a niece? Did I miss something in an earlier post?

That is lovely for you to be buying another kid a pair of running shoes, but how do you go about giving them? Is it anonymous? I always wonder about that. I see kids missing various items of clothing, but I don't know how to give them anything discreetly.

Happy Long Weekend to you and the girls!


Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

My Semblance: The explanation is in Wednesday's post.

Sue: I know, isn't that diaper cover FAB? Her little red shoes had satin bows on them. And, no one has the teeth to be Osmonds, except the Osmonds themselves. They are apparently specially-bred.

Fam. Ad.: Ava is not officially a niece, but I get to be an honorary aunt, since Ava's parents are dear friends of ours. Ava also has two big brothers who are TERRIFIC kids -- see the photos in my Halloween post.

As for the shoes I bought for another child, I heard through the grapevine that a child was coming to school wearing almost nothing. She came to school one day in a t-shirt and a swim diaper. Really. I cleaned out Elegant's closet and took over three bags of clothes to the teacher (who I know well) and asked if anything else was needed. Shoes and socks were on the list, so I went and got those. We have a number of refugees in our school -- the Int'l Rescue Committee has an office in our town -- so this is something that comes up from time to time and I always try to help.