Friday, October 05, 2007

Yin and yang and brats and beer

Did you know that there are two Jennifers here in Jenworld?

There's Control Freak Jen -- who likes a tidy house, who plans life carefully, and who overthinks things.

Then there's Spontaneous Jen -- who dives head-first into new ideas without really considering all aspects of the situation and just deals with the consequences later.

My controlling side and my impulsive side often do battle in my head. Control Freak Jen wins more often than not. But every now and then Spontaneous Jen triumphs.

Like this week.

It popped into my head, "Hey! We should have a party. A big one. In about three weeks' time."

At this point, Control Freak Jen would normally take over and say, "Oh, but we need to send invitations and clean the house and plan a menu. And what if it rains or what if no one comes or..."

You get the idea.

This time, before Control Freak Jen could do her little routine, Spontaneous Jen talked to Pete first, who agreed with alacrity (and some surprise) and then we sent out an e-invite before Control Freak Jen could get a word in edgewise.

So it's a done deal.

We're having an Oktoberfest on the last Saturday of this month. We originally thought about having a Halloween party, but as soon as Pete mentioned building a haunted house somewhere in our house, Control Freak Jen thought of My Precious and the possibility of someone spilling beer on it or kids tromping dirt through the house and nearly called the whole thing off.

But Spontaneous Jen jumped into action and suggested that we make this event an Oktoberfest and have the festivities outside. Who cares if someone squirts a juice box in the yard?

A few details:
  • Bratwursts on the grill.
  • Bales of hay for people to sit on
  • Bocce in the backyard. (Yes, I know it's an Italian game, but who cares?)
  • Fun glow-in-the dark bracelets for the kids
  • I'm going to hang lights in the trees.
Pete would love it if we could create a beer tent, but we'll have to see about that.

No, Pete's not wearing lederhosen. And I'm sure as hell not dressing as the St. Pauli girl.

So if any of you plan to come in from Seattle, Chicago, Tuvalu, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England... holla and let me know. I'll throw an extra bratwurst on the grill for you.


The Guider said...

I'm there. No need to cater for me. I'll be the one in the Invisible Woman costume.

Valley Girl said...

Hey, there are two me's, too! One is responsible, the other is crazy. =(

Suzanne said...

If that weren't the weekend I'm going to SF, you know I'd be there in a heartbeat!

Well, perhaps a plane ride and car trip and a heartbeat...

I'll be back in the DC area at some point to visit the fam-damn-ily. We will enjoy brats and beverages and I will admire Your Precious then.

Suzanne said...

And I expect you to dress up as a St. Pauli's Girl, or I'm not coming!! :P

Josie said...

If I wasn't working that whole week end, I'd be there.
Have a bratwurst for me ;)