Tuesday, October 02, 2007

What's next?

Monday evening: Graceful asks Pete about drugs, which leads to a lengthy conversation about what they are, why people do them, and "No Graceful it's not necessary to ban all drugs. Some are actually beneficial."

Twelve hours later, before I've had any caffeine this morning: Graceful wants to know why terrorists act the way they do. Why do they feel the need to destroy things and fly planes into the Twin Towers and have we hunted them down and gotten revenge yet? I try to explain Al Qaeda ideology, that the people who flew the planes are dead too, that sometimes religion makes people irrational. I try to find the right balance between honesty and not scaring the shit out of her.

I find this loss of innocence at such a young age sad, but unfortunately necessary in the 21st century.


Josie said...

It is sad that they are growing up a lot faster than we did.
At the same time, kudos to you and Pete for being honest and open with the girls when they ask questions.

Lisa said...

I second that...you did the right thing by being honest, without getting into too much detail.
But a serious topic like that before your morning caffeine? Heavy stuff!