Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday stuff

Good afternoon everyone. I'm a bit late posting today. So sorry. I've been going nonstop for the past five hours. Now, however, I'm making some Me Time for a few minutes.

So, the visit to the private school:

I should have been more clear yesterday. Today was not the Official Interview, but just the first visit. But! I knew the first impression would be important and remembered. After all, when I called to set up the appointment, the person I spoke with remembered 1) that we had requested information SIX YEARS AGO for Graceful for preschool and 2) that both our girls had attended camp there two years ago. Long memories, those people.

Since I know someone will ask, I went for medium-nice clothes -- somewhere between jeans and full-on business attire. The person who gave the tour was wearing one of those great outfits that combined a fab jacket and jeans, so I made the right choice.

And for the locals who will ask, I was visiting the Montessori school up on Pantops, which is the only private option that offers the type of education we want for Elegant and will go through eighth grade. We're looking for a less-rigid school environment where El has a little more flexibility with the pacing of the day. We're not considering moving Graceful at this point, because she's absolutely thriving, but we are considering private options for grades 5-8.

The visit was helpful and informative and we'll go back soon to observe a classroom. Pete didn't go with me today, so he needs to have that opportunity to check things out. After that, Elegant will visit for an entire day.

After seeing the school, I had to rush to a meeting for work, followed by some errands for work, and now I'm back home, hoping I can -- are you ready? -- finish a lot of work.

It's cold and dreary today, so what I really want to do is just take a nap.


Mrs. G. said...

Napping? Did someone say napping? Maybe next year. Glad you wore the right clothes.

Aims said...

Hey that sounds great. I'm sure Elegant will love the school and that you guys have made the right choice.
Cold and dreary....hahahahahha....I say...

Sarabeth said...

Cold and dreary is just fine for me lately. I did, however, have to brew some coffee this afternoon.