Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Nocturnal moves

Very often, when I go to bed night, I'll walk into our room to discover that Elegant has taken up residence.

No problem, I'll just move her.

[much grunting and straining...]

My god, how much does this child weigh when she's asleep? Somehow, her 55 pound body is now 217 pounds.

I somehow stumble across the hall with the lump o' El in my arms. I not-drop her into her bed and cover her with blankets. She smiles in her sleep. She's even been known to pucker up for a kiss when one of us hauls her back to her domain. She's definitely a happy sleeper.

I go back across the hall and scoop up the two large pillows, one small pillow, blanky, and seven assorted stuffed animals that migrated to our bedroom with Elegant. Sherpas carry far less up to the top of Everest.

I love it that this child who lives each day so fully and with so much joy is such a deep sleeper. Obviously, she needs the sleep to recharge for the next day. She's also still as cuddly as she was when she was a baby.

Even though she's seven and thinks she's so very big, she's still our little girl.


Happy Working Mom said...

How sweet!! My daughter is the same way...very cuddly and would sleep every night attached to one of us if she should. She seriously has to be touching us when she's sleeping (unless she's in her bed, which is why I think we have so many bed time problems).

The Guider said...

When I was 19, I once fell asleep in front of the speakers in a club.

alison said...

Rachel's like that too. You'd think there would be plenty of room in a queen-sized bed for me and a four-year-old, her blankie and her stuffed animal. But no. I get the outer four inches of one side of the bed, and she sleeps pressed right up against me. And it's getting harder to shift her when she's sleeping. You're right, 217 pounds sounds about accurate. :-)

Suzanne said...

It's funny how a day's worth of aggravation with my kids can disappear in an instant when I look at them sleeping.

Jennifer said...

Guider: I've done things like that before. I've napped (sitting upright) in a stadium full of 45,000 yelling sports fans. I've napped on planes, trains, and every time we go on a car trip. I've ALMOST fallen asleep at the park, the children's museum, and an amusement park. In short, I can sleep pretty much everywhere.

Elegant, obviously, gets this from me. She has even fallen asleep during haircuts.

TX Poppet said...

What a sweet post. I love it.
In consideration of The Great Mofo Delurk today, I am sending this little comment your way. I enjoy reading your blog regularly and look forward to every new post.

The Hotfessional said...

Oh, I remember those days - back when Shortman was ... well, ... short.

Now, I think he could carry me to bed!

Josie said...

That is ohhh so cute.

I have seen WB fall asleep standing up on the Toronot subway.

It's a I have not acquired.

Oswegan said...

I like when everyone pretends to be asleep in the car once you pull into the driveway, in hopes of being carried inside.


MizMell said...

My girls did the same type thing, just in anticipation of their daddy carrying then "like a princess" off to bed.
Thanks for the pleasant memory.

Linda and her Surroundings said...

I wish someone would lift me into bed like that when I fall asleep on the couch in front of the television.