Sunday, October 07, 2007

Nap time

I am a nap person. I always have been. Even though I try to get the nine hours of sleep that I really need each night, I also function best if I can get a quick catnap each afternoon.

The fact is, however, that naps are not always so easy to schedule. What with my job, errands, cleaning, my job, picking up the girls from school, schlepping the girls hither and yon, my job, homework, reading blogs, and whatnot, it's hard to find time for a nap.

But I do manage, sometimes even during the week.

Naps are mandatory on the weekends, and Pete and I often have to negotiate who gets the sofa and when.

The sofa?

The sofa is the favored napping spot in Jenworld because it's like sleeping on clouds. On CLOUDS, I tell you. We even have various throw pillows and a small blanket on hand, just in case.

It's been this way since we got it when Elegant was a baby:

And has remained that way ever since.

Not that the girls nap all that often. They each gave up naps when they were about two, but very now and then, someone needs to recharge her batteries:

Elegant, crashed after eating all her Easter candy in a few hours.

Sometimes, the napping isn't very peaceful:

Elegant had just yelled, "Wake up Mommy!"

And sometimes the naps aren't alone:

Yes, all THREE were asleep at one time.

Sometimes naps SHOULD be on the sofa, but don't quite make it that far:

Elegant, age four, using a bag of candy as a pillow.

And sometimes the naps are necessary when someone is sick:

Graceful, post-tonsillectomy

The most important thing of all, is that no one disturb the mom or the dad when they're napping on the sofa!


Linda and her Surroundings said...

Oooh, I just love falling asleep on the couch - I love those photos. I don't nap enough. I always feel my days are too short and I have to fill them in. Also, a nap in the afternoon often means I cannot fall asleep. As I type this, my husband is asleep on the couch...zzzzzzzzzz

MizMell said...

I wish I could nap. I'm definitely a type a personality and I usually get by on 4-6 hours of sleep.
I like to sleep, but just don't seem to do much of it these days.
And, also, as I type this JB is asleep on the couch!

The Hotfessional said...

Naps are the absolute most wonderful thing in the entire world. Naps on a cloud couch? Heavenly.

Seeing all three of your favorite people napping on a cloud couch? Sweetness like a bag of Smarties.

Suzanne said...

I'm such a night-owl that if I nap during the day, I'll be awake until 3am or 4am or later.

I do lounge a lot though, which is the next best thing. And I firmly believe in furniture comfortable and cozy enough for napping.

(New look for the blog, I see. Is that how you passed the time when you woke up in the middle of the night? I'm going to take my temp now and hopefully venture out to the store...)

blackbird said...

There IS nothing like a nap on the couch...

Lisa@Take90West said...

I love naps. Naps should have their own national holiday. National Stay Home and Take a Nap Day. I am jealous you get one every weekend!

Lori Anderson Designs said...

If it weren't for naps, I woulnd't walk upright most days!

Jennifer said...

That has been my semi-permanent state and location for...what? Six weeks now? I'm glad to see I'm not alone.


Cecily R said...

These picutes are great! The evolution of the nap...

I love sleeping on the couch. That is if I'm allowed. Most of the time I'll just drop off when someone desperately NEEDS me, or HAS to tell me something or MUST show me something.

Man, I need a nap!

Happy Working Mom said...

How neat! Hubby and I always used to sleep on our couch before we had kids. But for some reason, ever since we had them, I always prefer the bed...even for naps. Hubby still snoozes on the couch, but me, I walk myself upstairs.

I'm sure it's probably because sleep is kind of rare in our house and I want the little I get to be 100% peaceful :)

nejyerf said...

god bless the person who invented the nap.

my naps usually include one or both of my cats sleeping on top of me.

Josie said...

Love the pictures of all of you napping in various states and places...very jealous though.