Monday, October 15, 2007

It's Blog Action Day

In honor of Blog Action Day, I'm going to talk about our eco-efforts here in Jenworld. Each resident has her/his favorite way of helping the environment, and I hope you will find these tips to be useful:

Instead of buying beer in bottles and cans, which take up valuable resources, Pete thinks bigger. Much bigger. He buys beer by the keg and keeps it in a kegerator in the basement of Jenworld. When the keg is empty, he takes it back and gets another. Forget about recycling -- the kegs are cleaned and reused.

This young environmentalist prefers to conserve water as her way of saving the earth. How? By neglecting to flush the toilet pretty much every time she goes to the bathroom. She considers hand-washing to be optional and would also be happy if showers were not a daily event. Hey, anything to save the planet.

While we applaud her efforts to save on water and soap, we have installed low-flow showerheads and faucets, as well as water-saving toilets, so Elegant need never forgo flushing or washing again.

Like her sister, Graceful is big on water conservation. Our older eco-warrior opts to save water in the laundry room. Graceful keeps her dirty laundry in her bedroom -- all over her floor. Not only does this save on water usage, it also helps insulate our floors, thereby bringing our heating bill down by one cent over the course of a year.

While I can see the logic in this plan, we have a new front-loading washing machine that uses far less water. And, because the washer does such a good job spinning out the water, the wet laundry spends far less time in the dryer. We also hang some of our laundry to dry.

And Jennifer:
I think we can all agree that chocolate is a necessity in life. Not optional. Here in Jenworld, we're big fans of M&Ms and there are pretty much always some in the house. Even if there are none in the pantry, there are probably some digesting in my gastro-intestinal tract.

Now some people would buy M&Ms in the little single-serving bags. Not us. We're eco-friendly, remember. We *heart* the environment and baby seals and the rain forest. So we buy our M&Ms in five pound bags. Much less packaging that way.

~ ~ ~

All kidding aside, we do try to live eco-friendly here in Jenworld. Here's our Top 5 list of things we do on a regular basis:

1. Our lightbulbs are fluorescent.
2. We recycle anything and everything that can be: cardboard, plastic, glass, metals, newspapers and magazines, and regular paper.
3. We don't buy food in single-serving packages. The food in the girls' lunches is packed in reusable containers and, in general, we try to minimize the use of aluminum foil and Ziploc bags.
4. In the warmer months, we angle the blinds and/or close curtains to block out the sun, thereby keeping the house cooler. In the colder months, we take advantage of passive solar as much as we can.
5. Pete bikes to work most days. We drive a fuel-efficient car most of the time and reserve the minivan for large loads of kids or stuff.


TX Poppet said...

An excellent post today!

alison said...

It's good to know your family is so committed to saving the planet through beer kegs and messy bedrooms. Snicker. Funny post!

Lela said...

I tried using re-usable containers in my kids lunches. They never came back home. My daughter however insulates her room in the same way.

Kristin said...

Ok, that was pretty damn funny... I need to rethink my children's slovenly habits as "green' behavior.

As for us... well, we've done away with plastic bottles (no more cases of Fiji water for us!)and gone with the Earth-friendly "Pur" water filter. No more "plastic or paper" as I have a variety of tote bags for the market and, like you, ugly light bulbs.

Charlotte said...

Hi Jen, thanks for stopping by Charlotte's Web. I thought I'd return the favour!

It seems like your family's attempts to be good eco-warriors (now wouldn't that be a good Halloween costume: Eco-Warrior Diva?) are pretty similar to ours. I think having the right mind-set helps, but there is a part of me that would like to be doing much more.

Linda and her Surroundings said...

Well done on your efforts - I feel a bit guilty really. Although, I do recycle pretty well and use cloth shopping bags. But,I am very naughty by having long showers during our water restrictions here.

countrymouse said...

You are understatedly hilarious! Plus--now I know what to tell my husband when he rolls his eyes at the mess that is my car--I'm composting! I'm saving the planet, for heaven's sake!