Thursday, October 04, 2007

And Elegant makes four

Elegant has been coming home with headaches after school nearly every day this year.

Anyone want to guess the cause of these headaches, which I just discovered two hours ago?



At first, I thought she was dehydrated by the end of the school day, so I was pushing liquids on her.

Then I wondered if she was having stress headaches to go along with her stress stomach aches.

Then I finally got smart and scheduled an eye appointment. It turns out that Elegant has convergence insufficiency. Her eye muscles are working too hard and are strained, or something like that.

We've ordered her glasses with some sort of fancy schmancy prisms in the lenses that will force her eye muscles to do whatever it is they're supposed to do.

She chose purple metallic frames that are somewhat European looking.

And so now all the residents of Jenworld will have glasses.


Linda and her Surroundings said...

Glasses are fab these days thanks to Harry Potter. Hopefully her headaches go away. Quite funny you were topping her up with water - like a little plant.

Valley Girl said...

I want glasses, too. I hope she likes 'em!

The Guider said...

Fairly sure we will be four for four in the next few years too.

Josie said...

I can not wait to see pictures of her in them...they sound awesome.

Alice said...

what great taste she much have!

oh, how I want glasses

Sue said...

It's good that you found the cause of the headache. I think my Meg is going to need glasses soon as well.