Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thursday morning and I'm feeling good

In spite of the lack of sleep the night before last, I survived yesterday without hurting anyone or causing any sort of chaos. I did grab a 10 minute nap in the afternoon and another one after dinner. I was in bed by 10:30 and slept straight through until this morning.

So I'm feeling pretty good today.

The weather helps my mood too.

Fall is coming. I can feel it. The air is crisper and not humid. The mornings have been cool and the days are not too warm.

Fall is my favorite season.

The days are cool and the nights are cooler. We pull sweaters out of storage. The leaves are a riot of color. We start having soups and stews with dinner and this year we'll add fresh-baked bread to the mix.

In the fall, each day is perfect even when it is not.

Living here in Virginia, we are lucky to experience four distinct seasons. Cold winters, hot summers, and temperate springs and falls. We get a little of everything but not too much of anything.

The leaves are starting to change. To the casual eye, things are still quite green, but zooming in on specific trees shows subtle changes here and there. In our yard, we have two particular trees that are especially lovely in the fall: a gingko that turns gold and a Japanese maple that turns a deep red. They are our two favorite trees and we'd chain our bodies to them before allowing them to be cut.

In the fall, as we walk to school in the morning, we can hear the high school marching band practicing a mile away. The girls love the deep percussive beat that echoes through the neighborhood. The music adds a rhythm to our steps as we walk.

Graceful and Elegant love fall too. They've already started wearing sweaters in the mornings: Graceful prefers a practical fleece pullover and Elegant goes for a colorful cardigan that has patch pockets that look like fruit. Both girls are chomping at the bit to wear their fall clothes soon. Elegant, in particular, because she has new knee socks that are, well, colorful. El's never had knee socks before, so she's looking forward to this new fashion statement.

So as I sit here procrastinating, I'd have to say that all is well in the world right now.



Bunny Bunster said...

I so very love autumn with the crisp air and the beautiful colors. You should check out the Parke County Covered Bridge Festivle in West Central Indiana held in October. Breathtaking!

MizMell said...

I've learned to savor those moments when "all is well with the world."