Monday, October 01, 2007

Things should be easier

How timely. This article was in the Wall Street Journal and reprinted in our local newspaper.

- - -

Graceful's teacher called on Saturday. She felt that our emails last week had not resolved the homework situation to my satisfaction (duh) and that perhaps we should talk and air things out. It was a 30 minute call and, even though things were a bit testy at the beginning, I believe we have resolved the matter. I fully expect this week's assignments to be more reasonable in terms of quality and quantity. We also negotiated a time limit for homework each night. The teacher and I also agree that Graceful is very, um, deliberate when she works, so we need to work on getting her to move a little more quickly, without sacrificing accuracy.

My girl presses down so firmly when she writes that -- no exaggeration -- she imprints through five pieces of paper in her notebook. I'm surprised she hasn't written through the paper yet.

As I told Pete afterward, "We need to get the girl to loosen the fuck up."

He retorted, "And you're the one to teach her?"

I reminded him that the OCD comes from HIS side of the family, but yes, I recognize that I am bit tightly wound.

So I'm hopeful that this will be a better week in terms of homework.


Josie said...

WB use to be like Graceful when he was that age. With you and Pete to help her "loosen up", she'll be just fine :)

Happy Working Mom said...

I hope this week is better! Really, why can't kids be kids these day? I think I had less homework in college than elementary kids have these days!

Melissa said...

Amen, Sister. I have a 3rd grader who is "deliberate" like Graceful and what he can't finish at school he brings home--to the tune of an hour and a half. THIRD GRADE! The teacher is great, but the workload is killing us. And as a former teacher, I know she doesn't have THAT much control over the workload anymore.

Perhaps George W. just wants the "deliberate, thoughtful" children left behind. After all, if they're retained in elementary school, they won't have so much free time to question their loss of civil liberties.

But I digress. I feel your pain and loved your blog.

Kellan Rhodes said...

We are ALL hoping for a better week of homeworK! I didn't want to do homework when I had to do homework - I certainly don't enjoy doing it AGAIN! I feel your pain!

Suzanne said...

My son is in kindergarten and gets just a little bit of homework. I'm not looking forward to the homework load of future grades!

I had to smile at your description of your daughter's firm penmanship -- my son writes so faintly that you kind of have to squint to see his letters.