Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sleepover 2007 - the aftermath

We survived the sleepover, as we knew we would.

The guests arrived at 6 p.m.

At 6:07, Elegant came up from the rec room in the basement and announced that the girls were being mean to her. Mostly, it was the Birthday Girl who was leading the charge on that one. Pete went downstairs to deal with the situation.

By 6:11, I had to go down to the rec room and have what is known in the South as a "come to Jesus" talk with girls.

(Just so we're all clear, I am the scary parent in this family. Not Pete. I am the one who WILL call parents to come haul their child's misbehavin' ass home. All these girls know me and know how I operate.)

More noise, chaos, pandemonium, and general mayhem ensued.

When the pizza arrived at 6:27, I was wondering if I could maybe spend the rest of the evening riding shotgun with the delivery guy.

But things calmed down after that. The girls scarfed down two pizzas, then worked on a craft while Pete made Baked Alaska for dessert.

Baked Alaska?

Yes, really, that is what Graceful requested as her birthday dessert. Pete used brownies for the base, piled on a HALF GALLON of cookies and cream ice cream, and then covered all of that with meringue. He then put the whole shebang in the oven for a few minutes to cook the meringue. The girls were fascinated:

The final product, while a little brown on top, was delicious and the Birthday Girl was thrilled:

There were presents after that. Then the girls put on pajamas and arranged their sleeping bags in a wonderfully disorderly fashion that involved pillows, special blankets, stuffed animals, and the odd flashlight.

We started the movie at 8:12 and silence reigned.

We decided some time ago that Elegant could participate in part of Graceful's party, but not all of it. The movie was the dividing line. Graceful and her crew were in the rec room, while Elegant chose her own movie and watched in our office with her own sleeping bag:

We gave her the option of any of the upstairs bedrooms, including her older sister's loft. Mecca, as it were. Surprisingly, she chose her own room. I would have placed money on the loft.

We had our first casualty at 9:45, when one girl decided she wanted to sleep in her own bed. Parents were called and arrived within 10 minutes.

At 11:08, the girls decided they were ready to go to bed. Not sleep, but at least we were getting closer. They rearranged their sleeping bags in another disorderly grouping, fluffed pillows, arranged stuffed animals, and turned off the lights. We had an agreement that there would be no scary stories, as four of the five remaining girls were fraidy cats.

At 11:38, Elegant was whining and fake-crying about being lonely and needing to be with the bigger girls. Her complaints were ignored. She was snoring by 11:50.

At midnight, I stumbled upstairs to go to sleep. Pete followed at 1:00. The girls were still awake. I later learned that they went to sleep around 1:30.

No one came crying to our bedroom all night, for which I am truly grateful.

The girls woke up around 7:00. Yeah, this is going to be a crabby group of children today, what with getting only six hours of sleep and all that. Luckily, their own parents can deal with them and I'll only have to deal with my crabby third grader.

We fixed pancakes shortly after 8:00 and girls started leaving at 8:45. There's one left now and her parents are on their way.

So, yay for us! We survived. Of course, this is only the beginning. There will surely be more sleepovers in the coming years. Usually, Graceful has only one friend over, but the time will come when there will be three or four or more. They're still young enough that they play with toys and watch G and PG movies. In a few years, they'll play less and will sit and gossip more. Eventually, there will be no toys at all and the girls will watch PG and PG13 movies. They'll paint their nails and talk about boys.

So I will remember this first slumber party in all of its innocent glory. Because this too will pass.


Sue said...

You are truly brave, hosting a sleepover for third graders. And only one went home! Lucky Birthday Girl!

blackbird said...

A milestone in so many ways.
Bravo to you - sounds like it was a memorable and wonderful party...

Flutterby said...

Did she know what baked alaska was when she asked for it or did she just think it sounded cool..? That is so cute!! And how COOL that she GOT IT! I also think it is a very VERY Wonderful Mom thing to not force her to include her younger sister the entire time. I think it's good for them to learn that it's nice to share things some times, but everyone also needs their own private time with their friends.

The Guider said...

Very successful - well done!

countrymouse said...

You've brought back a *flood* of some of my best childhood memories! I need to go google some names : )

Jennifer said...

Sue: I usually go in where angels fear to tread. I'm very often the mother who has 4-8 girls running around the backyard after school or who will take six kids to the movies. I may joke about being nervous, but this was really small potatoes.

Flutterby: Grace had never had Baked Alaska, but she's heard of it, so she asked. And OF COURSE we gave her what she wanted for her birthday. That's how we roll in Jenworld and how our families rolled when we were kids. In fact, my MIL once recreated a scene from a James Bond movie -- involving a motorcycle, a helicopter, and a lake -- on one of Pete's cakes.

Flutterby said...

We do that too... the birthday person gets whatever dessert they want; the kids always pick cakes... because I decorate them big time (buttercream frosting pastry bags and tips and all) Hub for some reason, for the past few years, wants pie. Apple pie. Not one *I* make, but Maria Callender's dutch apple crumb topped pie. I have to admit that it's really the best pie *Ever* but I still wish he would ask ME to make the pie... I make pretty dang good pies too, lol.

Josie said...

You are a much better person than me Jen. And kudos to you for only losing one through the night.
Happy belated birthday Grace!!

PS The baked Alaska looks awesome - way to go Pete!!