Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A sign that hospitals are run by men

A friend of mine from college had a mastectomy on Monday afternoon. The hospital sent her home yesterday morning -- about 18 hours after her surgery. Is it me, or is that far too soon? I feel confident that when men have body parts -- such as testicles -- removed, they're given more time to recover.


(My friend should be fine, by the way. Some lymph nodes were removed on that side, which isn't great, but her prognosis is generally good. Chemo starts later this fall, followed by radiation. Reconstructive surgery will be next spring.)


Flutterby said...

Well they send you home that soon after having a baby sometimes too I think. I guess if women used to squat in a field and pop out a baby and then keep on working, well... But surgery?? wow. I can't imagine what the reasoning is for that. I went home a day and a half after a hysterectomy a few years ago but that was because I insisted I wasn't staying there a minute longer. Hospitals usually suck so maybe she's better off at home anyway; she will certainly get more rest and better food!

erin said...

That seems completely insane to me, but with all of the germs, etc. lingering around hospitals, maybe she is better off at home.

I hope she's feeling better soon.

Josie said...

Firstly, I hope you friend is feeling better soon and that her treatment is successful.

As for being kicked out 18 hrs after surgery? Defintely a man.
Up here, you get sent home 24 hrs after a normal delivery and 48 hrs after a C section. Absolutely insane.

TX Poppet said...

Sending healing prayers your friend's way.
Seems to me though that the insurance has much more to do with release dates than patient welfare. It's a sad state of affairs and more often than not it's the women and children who suffer most.

Anonymous said...

Actually, after a bilateral orchidectomy (castration), it's possible to be sent home the same day. It's about HMOs being stingy, not about gender.