Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Pillow talk

The adult residents of Jenworld have found great pleasure in bed this week. We're eager to go to bed at night and are waking up smiling every morning. It's been great and I just want to sing loudly from the roof tops.

Wait a moment. You think I'm talking about sex, don't you?

Dudes, my MOTHER reads this blog. As do several other relatives. There's no way I'm going THERE here.

(And besides, as far as our extended family is concerned, sex is something you do only because you have to when you really want to have a baby. It's not something that's fun. It's an obligation.)

(Actually, now that I think about it, in my extended family, there is no sex, not even for babies. Every time a child is born, there is a star in the eastern sky and three wise men on the horizon.)

I'm talking about PILLOWS people. As in, we got new ones.

Pillows are a really personal thing. Some people like them fluffy. Some people like them flat. Some prefer down and some prefer synthetic fibers.

Pete and I are not fluffy or flat people. We're solid people. We want pillows that are firm and hold their shape all night. If someone were to market a pillow that had a core of bricks, we'd snap it up in a heartbeat.

Finding such a pillow can be a crusade and I mean that literally. You would not believe how many pillows we have tested over the years. We'll find one at the store that seems good and three nights later we're cursing that we've already removed the tags and thrown away the packaging.

Years and years ago, we discovered that foam is an excellent material on which we can lay our heavy heads, as the pillows retain their shapes all night and never go flat. Sure, they're a little bouncy, but that just adds a little adventure to the whole sleeping process.

We had one kind of foam pillows for years and eventually they collapsed in submission from millions of nights of supporting our skulls. We searched for worthy replacements and came up short. Foam pillows are apparently a rare commodity and even Target doesn't carry them. (At least, ours doesn't.) Even if we did find foam pillows somewhere, they were never good enough.

So for several years now, we've been unhappy with our pillows.

This past weekend, I went to Bed Bath & Beyond, which I should have done years ago, but apparently the store had a Cloak of Invisibility around it, as I simply did not notice it as I walked into the grocery store right next to it every week for years.

Finally, I did look at the store and think, "HEY, maybe BB&B carries pillows!" which led me to walk into the store, find pillows that look like they can handle my abuse, and buy them right there heedless of the cost.

When Pete and I put our heads on our new pillows that night, we both agreed that the pillows were just right. When we woke up the next day, we still agreed that the pillows were still just right. Again, that night, same thought. And again the next morning. So I think they're keepers.

So happiness reigns in the master bedroom of Jenworld.

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The Guider said...

We got a duvet cover and pillow cases from White Company for the first time last month and put them on the bed last week. Usually we buy bed linen from IKEA or Debenhams.

We will never buy from anywhere but the White Company again. So soft is our bed. Can't even begin to tell you how lovely it feels and how downright scratchy our other bed linen now looks let alone feels.