Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Only 366 days until he's middle-aged (just kidding)

Happy 39th birthday to Pete, the long-suffering and ever-patient man here in Jenworld.

Shopping for a person you've been with for nearly two decades can sometimes be tricky. After all, I have given him the two greatest birthday presents ever:

1998 - two weeks after Pete's 30th birthday

2000 - the day before Pete's birthday

In spite of the two great kids, the bar hasn't been raised too high, so Pete's just getting normal stuff from me this year.

For his birthday dinner, he has requested Chinese delivery, so I don't have to cook. Yay! It's like it's MY birthday too.


The Guider said...

Huh. My DH was 39 last month. I made him a dad just after he turned 30...

Ah well, at least we disagree on Wuthering Heights! ;-)

TX Poppet said...

A very happy birthday season to all the Jenworlders. Oh, and Jen? My Spouse and babes are all within days of each other too so I can absolutely relate to all the craziness YOU deal with at birthday time. Enjoy the Chinese! Joie

Suzanne said...

It's you, it's you! In the photo, I mean.

Not what I had imagined based on the Picasso potrait and Simpsonized Jen. You're so much prettier.

Thanks for a glimpse of the real you.

And happy birthday to Pete!

Lori Anderson Designs said...

I love seeing pictures!