Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Of witches, princesses, and tigers

Halloween is in seven weeks, so my girls are planning their costumes.

Graceful decided months ago that she's going to be a vet. Easy enough for me to put together.

Elegant did not share her plans with me until this morning.

Before I tell you what she wants to be this year, let me give you a visual tour of Elegant's past six costumes and see if you can guess.

In 2001, she was a devil:

In 2002, she was a cheetah:

Note a theme with those two costumes. The girl was 1 and 2 years old and not going trick or treating yet, so I put her in pajamas and pulled her hair up and we were done.

In 2003, Elegant was officially Big Enough to go trick or treating, so she decided to honor the specialness of this occasion by going as royalty:

Specifically, Graceful was Cinderella and Elegant was Belle. (Disney princesses, for those of you with boys.)

In 2004, Elegant was a tiger:

The reason behind this decision: We were at Hellmart and the costume caught El's eye. Let me assure you that no cotton was harmed in the making of this outfit. The material was the cheapest polyester available to humans and almost shined in its sleaziness. What you cannot see in the photo is the long tail stuck on her butt. Elegant spent much of Halloween trying to wag her tail. I know, dogs wag their tails, not tigers, but the girl was four, so cut her some slack.

In 2005, we were back to pretty costumes. This year, she was a fairy:

Last year, Elegant wanted to be a little edgy and cool, but still pretty, so she decided to be a "pretty witch." In other words, a black fairy costume with a great hat:

She's wearing a black tutu with sparkles, in case you can't tell.

So, anyone want to guess what the girl is going to be this year? Anyone? Anyone?

I'll give you a hint:

Star Wars

If you're thinking this:

or this:

... you would be wrong.

Elegant wants to be this:

So if anyone has an ideas how to create such a costume, please let me know.


The Guider said...

Fantastic! ROFL - have fun? I'd start with a big box and go from there?

Flutterby said...

Yep.. a box, opened up flat and then rolled into a large tube. A big plastic bowl upside down. Everything properly painted. oh.. straps inside the tube to hold it on her shoulders. Been there... done that... wish I had pictures.

erin said...

I just burst out laughing at that one. Umm, maybe a really lightweight plastic garbage can with holes cut out for her head and arms and then maybe a cheap (roundish) bike helmet on her head? Oh and lots of silver and blue spray paint, of course!

Yeah, I'm not so good with the costumes. Good luck!

Rebecca said...

oaktag wrapped around her and covered with felt to make the designs (with straps over her shoulders to keep it up). I was a crayon like that once. Not sure about the top - i'll keep thinking.

Josie said...

So not where my mind was going :)
Big box, some different shaped styrafoam...I'm at a loss. Been a long time since I had to worry about Hallowe'en costumes :)

QueenMother said...

That is AWESOME!! She would fit in so well with my boys. I think they are going as Star Wars, and if I get in shape-I am SO wearing that Padame outfit.