Monday, September 03, 2007

Monday morning musings

We are having a great three-day weekend.

I started off the weekend stressed, as the first week of September is one of the busiest weeks of the year for us, if not the busiest. Elegant's birthday is tomorrow (plus it's back-to-school night), Pete's is Wednesday, our anniversary is Friday, and Saturday is Elegant's birthday party. Added to that is a work retreat on Sunday that I am responsible for planning and organizing, so I'll be dealing with that this week.

On Friday afternoon, as I waited for Elegant to finish her occupational therapy, I made lists. My list of things to do this weekend was on one page, the list of things to do this coming week was another page, my cleaning list was the third page, and the details for Elegant's party were on a fourth page. There were lines and arrows and other graphics and the overall picture is so complicated that it rivals George Washington's plans for crossing the Delaware River in the middle of the night.

As I sat there making my lists on Friday afternoon, I was getting a bit panicked about getting everything done, but during Happy Hour that evening, Pete and I came up with a plan of attack for this weekend and this coming week, which made me feel better. Alcohol almost always makes things better.

On Saturday, I:
  • took Graceful to her riding lesson
  • then I took her to the store to buy a birthday present for her sister and a friend
  • came home and cleaned our screened porch, including the removal of arachnids and their webby homes
  • wrapped gifts for my husband, two daughters, and various other people. I wrapped so many gifts that I ran out of anything in which I could wrap them: birthday paper, non birthday paper, plain white butcher paper, the Sunday comics, and gift bags. I could have used Christmas paper but instead went with regular newspaper.
  • prepared the party favors for Elegant's tea party: Lori made little charms that look like teapots and I put each one on a satin cord to make necklaces for the party guests. Lori had sent them in her signature purple boxes with hot pink ribbons, so it was a simple matter of putting each necklace in a box and retying the bow.
  • checked email for work and took care of a few small things.
  • put clean sheets on the beds
  • did several loads of laundry
  • ironed
  • mended
  • vacuumed
  • cleaned a bathroom
  • prepared packages to take to the post office
In the meantime, Pete was working on his list of chores, including finally finishing the drywall work on the outside of our pantry. Yes, the one that we built in May. We finished the interior early on and have been using it all summer, but we hadn't finished the exterior. Pete also went to the grocery store on Saturday and picked up all the baking supplies I'm going to need this week, including making chocolate chip cookies for Elegant's class tomorrow, her birthday cake, and the various dainty little foods for her tea party.

Also on Saturday, my father called to tell me that my stepmother's mother had passed away that morning. We were expecting it and we are relieved that she's no longer suffering. The funeral is today. My plan was to drive down 3.5 hours today for the funeral and then come right back.

On Sunday I:
  • painted the drywall in the kitchen, as well as touched up paint in various other places, so the pantry is truly done.
  • talked to my stepmother, who insisted that I not drive down for the funeral. It will be only a short graveside service and she doesn't want to worry about us all on the roads today. I think her exact words were, "I'll whoop your tail if you come." My sister and stepbrother were given the same instructions.
  • talked to my sister, who was calling to confirm that I was going to follow orders and not make the drive. Plus, we talked about our father, who's showing more signs of decline and not doing well at all, which is a new worry. We've known for a year that his cancer is terminal, but that doesn't make it any easier for as we watch him get worse.
  • went for a two mile walk -- without music -- and meditated during that time.
In the meantime, Pete was working on his list of chores, including leveling the new wardrobe we put in Graceful's room in July. Yes, I know we're slow. He's going to put on the doors today.

Then we called it quits for the day. The girls went to play with friends and ate dinner with them. I had a quick catnap and then Pete and I went out for dinner. Alone. Just the two of us. We talked about various things, some important and some trivial. It was nice. When we went to pick up the girls, we ended up staying a bit, while we got caught up with our friends. When we came home, the girls watched a movie while Pete and I sat on the sofa and talked and read and talked some more. You'd think after all these years that we'd have run out of things to say. You would be wrong.

So here we are on Monday morning -- the third day of this wonderful long weekend -- and I'm feeling pretty happy and relaxed. We've gotten loads done, which goes a long way in helping me feel good, and will do more today. We've also had some time to relax and will do more that today.

I'm ready to face the week.


erin said...

Elegant's birthday party is a tea party? That's so awesome! If I have kids someday I hope I have a girl so we can do stuff like that. Fun!

MizMell said...

You sound so organized, you're inspiring me!
And, Lord have mercy, you are way ahead of me and my other half on finishing the remodeling--and my other half is a finish carpenter. (The-cobbler's-children-has-no-shoes syndrome.)
I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother's passing.

Linda and her Surroundings said...

It is interesting how much more appears to get done on a three day weekend - that extra day makes all the difference. Your organisational skills are exceptional. I am impressed.

Melissa said...

You are amazing! One day when I grow up I am going to be as organized as you are. I am not sure where you find all of your energy but wow, I am impressed. keep on keepin on sistah