Thursday, September 27, 2007

Meet the Dolls

I've mentioned before how much Graceful and Elegant love their dollhouse, which was mine and my sister's when we were kids. Unfortunately, most of the furnishings and all of the people have been lost over the years. We've been filling in the missing pieces for a couple of years, but we neglected to actually get a doll family and the girls were using other toys instead.

This summer, Graceful decided she really wanted an old-fashioned porcelain dollhouse family. Father, mother, sister, brother, baby. Simple enough, right? Wrong. I can now tell you, after searching countless websites, that porcelain dollhouse people are expensive. As in, anywhere from $30 to $70 or more per person. I don't know about you, but the last thing I want to do is spend several hundred dollars on BREAKABLE dolls.

I finally found a vendor on eBay who sells all sorts of dollhouse things. Dolls, furniture, and the most amazing assortment of accessories. All for reasonable prices. I started checking this vendor's listings regularly and eventually found the dolls. As with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, I had to acquire each family member individually.

Graceful was THRILLED when she opened the dolls on her birthday last Saturday. There was a loud gasp and then much glee. She immediately named the dolls and spent some time looking at each one intently, trying to come up with the very best name possible. Because once my girls name something, it's named for life.

Let me introduce The Doll Family to you and I hope you enjoy their names as much as I do.

Sir Elliott Percival Doll:

Lady Ada Cleo Doll:
(Cleo is short for Cleopatra)

Sarah Beth Doll

William Bobby Doll

And little LuLu Rosie Doll:


The Guider said...

Ffffreaky! If they were in my house, I'd be terrified they'd come alive at night.

countrymouse said...

a) love that their last name is Doll : )

b) love that each name is so detailed!

c) love that the victorian boy in the sailor suit is Billy-Bob ; )

melissa said...

where did the bordello doll go?

Jennifer said...


Britney Amber Candy Whoredoll lives in the penthouse that Sir Elliott funds for her. Every day while Lady Ada is trying not to smash the children's heads up against a hard surface, Sir Elliott sneaks out of the house and heads over to Britney Amber Candy's place, which is beautifully decorated in High Bordello. There, they cavort and do whatever it is that porcelain dolls do for nooky. (Ouch.)

Kristin said...

Britney Amber Candy Whoredoll sounds like she just might be the sister to my daughter's Jade the Teen Hooker Bratz Doll who arrived as an early birthday present for Eva from my mother.

I guess they were out of Porn-Star Doll.

Jennifer said...


Here's the link to my original entry that has the doll Melissa is talking about. If this link doesn't work, go back to August 9th.

Linda and her Surroundings said...

They are rather realistic aren't they. I think they do look as though they may creep around the bedroom at night. One thing with boys - no dolls.