Thursday, September 20, 2007


Did anyone else have a weird Wednesday? You know, odd things happened. Strange things occurred. The world seemed slightly out of whack.

I've been thinking about this since yesterday and here's what I observed:
  • Yesterday, Graceful woke up grouchy, crabby, and bitchy. Elegant, on the other hand, woke up before we came to get her (suspicious) and then was sweetness and light during breakfast (very strange). Who are these children and where are my real girls?
  • This continued through breakfast, only to have it all change in literally the blink of an eye. I witnessed it my very ownself. All of a sudden, Graceful was sweetness and light and Elegant was hellfire and brimstone. You know, because it would be too much to hope that both girls would be cheery at the same time of the morning.
  • Throughout the day, several blogs I visited talked of strife, turmoil, drama, problems. I noticed more negative comments on other people's blogs than I normally do. Of course, some of it was my doing, but that certainly was not my intent.
  • After dinner last night, Elegant had the mother of all meltdowns and it took both Pete and me to carry her up the stairs and put her to bed. I actually closed the windows so the neighbors wouldn't think we were beating the child. We were actually burning her with hot pokers. (I'm kidding!)
I kept expecting a plague of locusts to appear or boils to break out on my ass, but luckily the biblical and medieval stuff didn't happen.

I checked for a full moon but the one outside is looking decidedly less than round, so there goes that theory.

Today, all was better. Things were normal. No major glitches. The blogs I normally read were mostly upbeat and positive. Comments were friendlier. No one flamed me today.


Any of you notice anything?

[On a somewhat related note: Traffic on my blog tripled yesterday and was doubled today. Think it's because of that thing I referenced above? People wandering over from the other blog to find out what kind of bitch I am and see if I whine all the time on my own blog. I don't. Just every 47th post or so.]


Linda and her Surroundings said...

Sounds like world wide PMT day to me...

TX Poppet said...

Please note I posted nothing on Wednesday eve/all day Thursday. The stars were definitely not aligned in the blogoshere as I deleted post after post in an effort to not reveal the turmoil and tears on the homefront. All I can say is TGIF!

Happy Working Mom said...

You know it was a bad day for me :) But actually once I got home things were very nice and calm, so that was good!

Josie said...

Wednesday was a nutso day for me and WB was moody beyond belief. I started calling him Sybil about half way thru dinner.

Maybe its the transition from Summer to Fall? That's Sunday....