Monday, September 24, 2007


It is now officially fall here in Jenworld.

Yes, I know it is now officially fall in most of the northern hemisphere (as opposed to Down Under, where it's now officially spring). However, WE mark fall a bit differently here in my domain. Fall does not begin for us until we have passed either Graceful's birthday or her party, whichever comes second. On the day after THAT, then we can think about fall and Halloween.

Fall has always been my favorite season. I really dislike the heat of summer and mosquitoes and being sweaty. I'm much more of a sweater girl. I also love fall foods, the crisp air, the smell of woodsmoke from fireplaces, and the general energy of the season.

In the past nine years, we have come to celebrate fall also because it means we have survived the Birthday Juggernaut. Not only do we have Elegant's, Pete's, and Graceful's birthdays within an 18 day period, we also have about a half dozen other birthdays in August and another dozen or thereabouts in September. That's a whole lot of celebrating, people. A good thing indeed, but also tiring.

So with fall comes a slower, calmer kind of celebrating for us.

The kind where we eat slow-cooked meals and cook with pumpkins and find all sorts of creative uses for apples.

We stop to savor the weather and the colors of the leaves.

If Graceful were not deathly afraid of fire, we would light candles for our meals or have fires in the fireplace. Instead, we plug in twinkly lights that we keep in the fireplace and that look just as charming as a roaring fire.

We keep warm blankets in the living room in case anyone gets a chill while savoring a good book.

We also plan Halloween costumes and begin to turn our thoughts toward Thanksgiving and Christmas.

It appears that we do a lot of celebrating in the last third of each calendar year, which is okay by me. I think fall is worth celebrating on a daily basis.


Happy Working Mom said...

It always amazes me how differently people can feel about seasons. Hubby is the exact same as you. But me, give me the heat and the summertime food any day!!

I'm glad you're enjoying the season!! I think I just need to move to California or Georgia :)

blackbird said...

I'm happy about it too...
I'm even sick of barbecuing.

The Guider said...

It does amuse me that you see Halloween as a month rather than a day! I start thinking about Halloween the week before, buy costumes for the kids, buy two bags of sweets to dump in a bowl and put our carved pumpkin and wooden ghost out on Oct 31 only.

But I do love autumn.

Linda and her Surroundings said...

How beautiful it sounds. Our seasons are not so defined - sometimes I have worn a t-shirt in the middle of Winter and a heavy jacket in Summer!

Josie said...

I love the fall too, but am enjoying the 90+ temps we're having right now. Snow will be flying soon enough.