Saturday, September 08, 2007

Estrogen Fest 2007

Today was Elegant's birthday party. A fancy schmancy all-girls tea party. She has "done tea" twice in her life: once at a nearby hoity toity British inn and once at the American Girl store in Chicago.

Elegant did almost all the planning for her party. I helped her implement her vision. The Martha could learn a thing or two from my girl.

The invitations came from etsy.

Lori made teapot charms for the girls to wear on necklaces.

Elegant planned the menu: apple juice instead of tea, little sandwiches, fruit, three kinds of cookies, meringues, cream puffs, tarts, and petit-fours.

I'm thinking we might have overdone the treats.

We spent days cleaning.

Grandma Ass and Crazy Aunt Laura arrived yesterday.

This morning, we got up and converged on the kitchen.

Elegant helped taste things as we baked:

My sister-in-law Grace Ellen arrived with baby Micah.

The boy spent some time snuggling with Crazy Aunt Laura:

The table was set:

Elegant made place cards for everyone, including an illustration of a tea pot:

brought flowers:

The guests arrived. They sat at the table and enjoyed the food. We women -- there were no men -- served them:

My sister-in-law, my mother, my nephew:

After the feast, there were presents, hugs, and playing.

It was a good day.


Josie said...

Happy Happy Birthday Elegant!!
Looks like an awesome party and I'm glad you got all your errands done in between me inadvertenly sending you work emails :)
Love Crazy Aunt Laura's hair!! Love a woman who rocks the silver / grey.

Suzanne said...

Did you bake all the treats yourselves??

That would be fun for someone like me—except my meringues never turn out right, so I learned to just buy them at Trader Joe's and save myself the heartache. But knowing your "fondness" of the kitchen-type activities, it doesn't sound like your idea of a good time. The things we do for love, I suppose.

Sounds like a perfect birthday party for one as stylistically precocious as young Miss Ellie. Just too too and all that, dontcha know. Nice job!!

Lori Anderson Designs said...

That looked like it was fun! I hope they liked their tea pots!

Jennifer said...

Josie: CAL's hair has been going gray since her late teens. She never colored it and now, in her late 40s, it's pretty much platinum silver. Out in Cal-i-for-ni-ay, people tend to assume she's a platinum blonde. No matter what the actual color name is, she rocks the look.

Suzanne: Oh hell no, most of the treats came from Whole Foods, a local bakery, or courtesy of Pepperidge Farms.

Lori: My girls loved the necklaces, that much I know. The other girls didn't open their boxes while they were here, but El had already alerted them that they were getting New Jewelry (!!!) so the girls were very excited.

Jennifer said...

What a lovely idea for a girlie birthday party! Much better than the Care Bear themed ordeal in the "party room" of our local Burger King my own daughter pined for a million years ago!

Happy Working Mom said...

How adorable! I love the invitations! I hope she had a fantastic time and the treats look like they tasted wonderful!

erin said...

I wish I wasn't too old to have a birthday part like this! Looks like fun!