Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Eat your heart out Versace

Here in Jenworld, Elegant is known as our Fashionista. This is, after all, the child who wore a velvet blazer on the first day of school.

Ah, yes, that blazer.

This summer, Graceful expressed an interest in having one. I looked in all the usual places -- Lands' End, Hanna Andersson, Mini Boden -- and couldn't find anything. I ended up on eBay, which never fails me. Within 10 minutes, I'd found several blazers that I thought Graceful might like. While I was shopping, Elegant came in and looked over my shoulder. When she saw the one I ultimately bought for her, her eyes lit up like Elizabeth Taylor being handed the Hope Diamond. Given the frequency with which El's wearing it, I think it was money well spent.

To wit:

Elegant on Saturday:

What you can't see is her gymnastics leotard under the blazer and pants. Because every girl needs to get decked out in order to go tumble and flip.

Here's Elegant on Sunday, as she was about to leave for an amusement park jaunt with Pete:

And here's my girl today, as she was about to leave for school:

Let me break this outfit down for you, because there is of course a story behind each piece.

The dress is from Lands' End and, as soon as Elegant saw it in the catalog, she inhaled sharply and went "Oh!" I asked why she liked it so much and she explained that the ruffles down the bodice were just the greatest thing ever. I bought it and she's been waiting patiently for weeks now for the right weather. Even though El loves buttoning the blazer all the way, she loves those ruffles even more, so the coat stayed unbuttoned this morning.

The striped socks are also from Lands' End. I've mentioned before that Elegant is newly enamored with knee socks. These are a little big on her and she pulls them WAY UP. In other words, my little girl is wearing thigh-highs.

What do you think of those Tevas on the girl's feet? I think it's time for me to get her some new Mary Janes, probably these.

As for the scarf, well, it USED to belong to me. Pete's father and stepmother got it in Venice. You can't tell in the picture, but it's navy blue velvet with a floral design. Needless to say, once Elegant discovered the scarf's existence in my closet, the scarf was no longer mine.

I know a mother who will not let her children not match. Even if they're just playing at home, those children always wear clothes that look good together. In fact, she'll carefully plan out their wardrobes so that everything coordinates during that season. One year, the girl got some fabulous hot pink suede boots. She was not allowed to wear any red or orange that winter because of those damn boots. The girl had other shoes that would have matched red or orange, but the mother was adamant that the child's entire winter wardrobe had to coordinate with hot pink that year.

Obviously, we don't roll that way here in Jenworld. I know I could have suggested other clothing options to Elegant this morning, but I'm of the opinion that children need to be able to express themselves. Clothing is an easy one, because who does it hurt if kids don't match? As long as the outfits are appropriate to the season and the event, it's all good.

I think it's going to be an interesting fall and winter for Elegant fashion-wise. She has P.E. three days a week, which means she's going to have to wear pants a lot more than she normally does and she's going to have to find other ways to express herself.

Luckily, I just bought her a red wool coat with faux leopard fur on the collar and cuffs.


Happy Working Mom said...

I know you live farther south than me...isn't she hot in those clothes? We're in the 80's this week!

She has such a crazy sense of style...I wonder what she's going to think of these pictures when she's in high school???


Flutterby said...

"Wardrobe" definitely falls under the category of knowing when to pick your battles, and as long as they are covered up well enough according to what the weather may dictate, who the hell cares what color or if it matches anything else? She may look back at these pictures at some point in her life and laugh, but she will also remember how cool it was that her mom let her express herself!

Josie said...

If you can't express yourself harmlessly thru your clothes at her age - what's the point of being a kid?
Good on you Jen for letting her wear what she picks out.